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Singapore Funeral Group
Singapore Funeral Group
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    Complete funeral packages and parlour services
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    Block 38, Sin Ming Drive #01-523 Singapore 575712
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    +65 6817 4288
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    24 hours
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  • The Singapore Funeral Group has been around for 15 years in the local memorial services industry. The Singapore Funeral Group team is composed of young professionals who possess the necessary skills and experience to provide the best funeral arrangements for the departed.

    The company is noteworthy for incorporating innovative elements in its services. Funeral setups can be modern or traditional, depending on the bereaved family's preferences.


    • Unique and personalized funerals: Memorial packages can be customized according to the desires of the family. Singapore Funeral Group has granted several requests regarding customized caskets, themed funeral halls, and wake and burial setups that reflect the personality of the deceased.
    • One-stop solution for all of your bereavement needs: Funeral arrangements can be a daunting task. The Singapore Funeral Group provides add-on services to help ease the burden of the surviving family. Options such as full-range funeral management, funeral attire, mourning attires, joss paper, and incenses can be provided if needed.
    • Transparent pricing: Prices for funeral packages are posted on the company’s website. There are no hidden or surprise costs and you are assured that you will get good value for your money.
    • Dedicated professionals on standby 24/7: Death can come in untimely circumstances so Singapore Funeral Group’s team of dedicated professionals is always on-call 24/7 to serve you even in the ungodly hours. You can count on them anytime for inquiries, additional requests, or other forms of customer support.
    • Post-funeral services: Singapore Funeral Group’s services do not stop at the time of burial or inurnment. Post-funeral services such as 49-Day Prayer, Gong Tek, and Ancestral Tablet are also available for families who wish to continue with the bereavement process according to their traditions.


    • Buddhist Funeral Services
    • Taoist Funeral Services
    • Roman Catholic Funeral Services
    • Christian Funeral Services
    • Non-Religious Funeral Services
    • Soka Gakkai Funeral Services
    • Direct Cremation Services
    • International Repatriation
    • Post-Funeral Services


    • Buddhist Funeral Services: Start from S$5,588 for 3 days and S$6,088 for 5 days
    • Taoist Funeral Services: Start from S$7,588 for 3 days and S$8,088 for 5 days
    • Roman Catholic Funeral Services: Start from S$4,588 for 3 days and S$5,088 for 5 days
    • Christian Funeral Services: Start from S$4,588 for 3 days and S$ for every additional day
    • Non-Religious Funeral Services: Start from S$4,588 for 3 days and S$5,088 for 5 days
    • Soka Gakkai Funeral Services: Start from S$4,588 for 3 days and S$5,088 for 5 days
    • Direct Cremation Services: Start from S$1,588
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