Singapore Casket

Singapore Casket
Singapore Casket
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    Worldwide repatriation services and spacious parlor halls
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    131 Lavender Street, Singapore 338737
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    +65 6293 4388
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  • With a team of friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained staffs, Singapore Casket provides various funeral services options that you can select based on your budget. Besides offering the standard funeral packages, they offer pre and post-funeral services that you can tailor based on your requirements.

    Singapore Casket will also be your first choice if you want pre-funeral legal services such as will writing. With spacious parlour halls and worldwide repatriation services, Singapore Casket stands out of the crowd if you will compare different funeral services in Singapore.


    • Spacious and contemporary parlour halls: Although the parlour halls offered by Singapore Casket are a bit pricy compared to others, these are the excellent value for money. Besides, your specific requirements for décor, they will always amaze you with a perfect personal touch that their skilled and passionate staff add over.
    • Worldwide repatriation of dead bodies and remains: Unlike other services that have their repatriation services limited to few countries, Singapore Casket offers reasonably priced global repatriation services. With years of experience, they know the laws and regulations of each country and will handle all the legal and transportation matters on your behalf.
    • Website for online memorials and tributes: Singapore Casket maintains a separate website to offer tributes to all the departed souls that they handled for funerals. That webpage will remain preserved as a loving memory of your loved ones. You can also request their cooperative staff to add any specific details or photos on the webpage.
    • Memorial gemstones transformed from the ashes: What else could relief your grief of losing someone except a beautiful gemstone made from the cremated remains of your loved ones? Well, Singapore Casket is well-known for this unique service of turning the ashes of your loved ones into shiny gemstones that you can always keep near your heart.


    • Pre-funeral services: This portfolio includes funerals pre-planning and will writing services. Besides, the company also offer consultation with legal directors as per your requirements.
    • Funeral services: Aside from standard funeral services including casket and urns, hearses, transportation, obituary and photo enlargement, the company also offers spacious parlour halls, tentage, embalming, make-up and worldwide repatriation.
    • Post-funeral services: Under this, the company offers premium columbarium, gemstones and slabs according to the customers’ needs.
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