Sumo Salad @ Shenton Way (Closed)

  • Sumo Salad @ Shenton Way (Closed) Image: Sumo Salad
  • Address
    #01-05, 1 Shenton Way
  • Phone
    (65) 6636 8530
  • Opening hours
    Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 20:00
    Sat: 09:00 - 17:00
    Closed: Sun & PH

If you want to have something quick, healthy and filling for your meal, Sumo salad - a salad chain based in Australia, is a good choice. This salad shop focuses on a wide range of gourmet salads and enriches its menu with delicious Sumo Bowls, wraps, rolls, toasties, pasta, soup, risotto, fruit salad and yoghurt.


  • Made Fresh To Order: It is a good choice for those who are creatures of habit. You love a salad recommended by chef in the menu, just tell the staff a name, he will make it fresh right in front of you.
  • Fresh Food Fast: If you want something tasty and healthy that can be grabbed on the way to your office, you can go with fresh-food-fast items. Salads, pastas, wraps, long rolls and more are made fresh daily and ready for you to pick up and run. Impressively, you can combine two salads out of over eight different options for your bowl.
  • Design your own salad: It is a chance to get just ingredients that you love. You can choose 5 free toppings among numerous of them and unlimited types of dressings and herbs.

How is the salad?
– Lettuce is crisp, fresh and cool
– Chicken is succulent and flavorful
– Food portions are generous

Avg price/pax

Quick facts
– Sumo Salad’s menu changes from store to store, a couple of times a year, following the Aussie seasons
– Salad is served in a chic box plus cutlery and serviette sealed in plastic
– Only free range chicken is served on the menu, with no added hormones and no GM

Must try
– Pesto chicken salad
– Warm Thai beef
– Salad combos

– Only take-away service is available
– Walnuts and almonds which are considered as premium items at other salad shops are included in free toppings at Sumo Salad

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