The Dark Gallery at Funan Mall

The Dark Gallery at Funan Mall
The Dark Gallery at Funan Mall
Image: The Dark Gallery
  • Address
    Funan Mall, #01-14, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105
  • Phone
    (65) 6908 4086
  • Opening hours
    10:00 – 22:00
  • Price per pax
  • As its name suggests, The Dark Gallery is all about dark chocolate. This local chain is distinguished as the first dark chocolate-centric chocolate café chain in Singapore. Their newest branch, opened recently at the newly revamped Funan Mall at North Bridge Road, is a cozy and convenient place to have a chocolate fix.


    • Chocolates from around the world: The Dark Gallery uses top grade single origin chocolates from Madagascar, Ecuador, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Venezuela. Seasonal origins like Costa Rica, Grenada, Indonesia, and the Philippines sometimes make an appearance on the menu during special promotions.
    • Artisanal chocolate ice cream: Chocolate + ice cream, what could be better than that? This chocolate bar is famous their single origin chocolate ice-cream ($5.50 per scoop), made daily in small batches. If you want to taste a little of everything, try the Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter or the customizable 3-scoop Ice Cream Soiree.
    • Single origin dark chocolate pastries platter: Besides chocolate ice cream and chocolate drinks, there is chocolate pastries that draw more people with a sweet tooth in. Try the chocolate pastries platter to have the tasting portions of a panna cotta, macaron parfait, chocolate tart, flourless ganache cake, and a baton.

    MENU: Every chocolate lover will surely salivate upon reading the menu of The Dark Gallery. While this chocolate café puts the focus on dark chocolate-based desserts, vegan and non-chocolate flavors are also available in the ice cream section.


    • Single Origin Dark Chocolate Pastries Platter
    • Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter
    • Ice Cream Soiree
    • The Chocolate Rhapsody
    • Frozen S’mores
    • Single Origin Dark Chocolate Tablets
    • Signature Chocolate Drinks
    • Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte
    • Signature Dark Chocolate Sliced Cake
    • Ice Cream Cakes
    • Ice Cream Waffles

    AMBIENCE: This branch is conveniently located at the first floor of Funan Mall. It is a cozy space, good for a quick dessert stop in between your shopping spree. It is also a perfect place for meet-ups or to simply relax and watch the throng of shoppers buzz by. The shop is quite small though so it is not recommended for large groups.


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