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Mat & Minah
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  • Mat & Minah is a Muslim-focused dating app. The app targets Muslim men and women who want to socialize privately. The creators of the app developed it due to a shortage of dating options for Muslims. They felt a lot of Muslims are not of the sociable type and matchmaking shouldn’t be left to the parents alone these days.

    Users can view images and other profile information for other users. You can then swipe the phone screen left to reject and right to like a person.

    What people like

    • Muslim focus: If you are a Muslim looking towards dating fellow Muslims, go to no other app than Mat & Minah. The app is exclusively for Muslims, and you will find like-minded Muslims on the platform.
    • Serious daters: Most users of the app are those looking towards a serious relationship and not just a casual fling. Only users that matched with each other will be able to have a chat privately and securely.
    • Other sections beyond dating: There are other sections available on the Mat & Minah app. Users can buy and sell items. An event calendar is also available.

    Users signup with Facebook and fill in their basic information. It has a swiping pattern similar to a lot of other dating apps. Users swipe left to reject and right to like a person.

    There are paid subscription options if you want to subscribe to the “Peek & Seek” features of the app. This allows you to find out the users that liked your profile. Peek & Seek costs S$6.98 for a week’s subscription, S$14.98 for a month, and S$44.98 for a year.

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