Singaporean Textiles and Fabrics

Singaporean Textiles and Fabrics
Singaporean Textiles and Fabrics
Image: Brighton Accessories House

You will find Singaporean textiles and fabrics in various shapes, designs, and sizes. These encompass table covers, carpets, the eye-appealing outfit, and more. And how best to remind yourself about a trip to Singapore than by having some of those?

But, if you look for a truly exceptional souvenir from Merlion City, search for batik garments and textiles. The easiest way to recognize those is through intricate patterns adorning the material.

Also, batik items are very comfortable to wear, which is why they feature a National Wear status in the island nation. Silk, cotton, and linen shirts for men and skirts and dresses for women are common batik-made clothing you should check out.

As for other textile types, you can find a variety of goods in many locations. They may correspond to Malay, Peranakan, or other cultures whose members reside in the Garden City. Laces, ribbons, bands, and zips are just a few among many products that will put you to sweet torments while shopping.

PRICE RANGE: From S$10 to S$1,000 depending on the product type.

WHERE TO BUY: Arab Street in Kampong Glam and Serangoon Road in Little India are some best places in Singapore to shop for textiles. Also, you will find many stores selling fabrics in Chinatown.

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