Public Bus (36/36A)

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Besides MRT, the public bus is a means of transport that offers very wallet-friendly rides. Your 2 SGD (cash) or SGD 1.35 (in EZ-Link card) can help you travel as far as 10 kilometers on a bus

However, they are the slowest way to get to the city. And there is only one option for you to take: Bus 36/36A, which can be caught at the basement of terminals 1, 2, and 3.

Bus 36 will stop at its bays on many roads, including Marine Parade Rd, Somerset Rd, and Orchard Rd. If your hotel is around Somerset or Orchard MRT stations, you can successfully reach your hotel by riding this bus.

You can also use your bus ride as an opportunity to interact with locals, as these vehicles are part of Singapore’s public transportation system and are frequently used by residents.

PAYMENT MODES: Both cash and EZ-Link card are accepted on the buses. If paying by cash, you have to put the exact amount into the farebox (on the bus) because bus drivers won’t give change.

TRAVEL TIME: Approximately 1:32 hours for 23.8km (from the airport to Somerset station)

COST: SGD 1.84 ($1.34) via Ez-link card; SGD 2.50 ($1.80) in cash

BUS HOURS: 06:08 – 22:52 Weekdays; 06:07 – 22:52 Sats; 06:06 – 22:53 Suns & PHs

BUS SCHEDULE: 8 – 9 minutes (between 06:30 – 08:30); 8 – 11 minutes (between 08:31 – 16:59); 8 – 10 minutes (between 17:00 – 19:00); 8 – 12 minutes (after 19:00).

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