The 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore Image: Fukuichi Japanese Dining

With beautiful presentation, Japanese cuisine is a form of art that make eating more enjoyable. Each dish even the smallest and simplest item is made with effort, time and love in a way of reflecting nature. Beautiful in presentation, tasty in flavour and healthy in nature are the great charms of Japanese cuisine that attracts people all over the world.

In Singapore, Japanese food is favorites of many Singaporean generations. Japanese restaurants present from individual to chain restaurants and the food is offered from home style cooking to formal dining.

Here, we introduce the five best ones.

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1. Shinji by Kanesaka (Carlton Hotel and St. Regis)

  • Shinji by Kanesaka (Carlton Hotel and St. Regis) Image: Shinji by Kanesaka

Shinji by Kanesaka is one of the best fine-dining Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Its outlet at Raffles Hotel is an ideal place to enjoy some of the best foods the world has to offer.

2. Aoki Japanese Restaurant

  • Aoki Japanese Restaurant Image: Aoki Japanese Restaurant

Aoki’s interior reflects the basic of minimalism. The domination of natural wood and rice paper creates a simple, yet warm and authentic Japanese ambience. This restaurant has a small space with only three tables and a bar counter which can accommodate 15 guests. Seating at the bar counter provides diners a chance to watch the chef preparing the meals – a true performance of skillful chefs.

3. Fukuichi Japanese Dining

  • Fukuichi Japanese Dining Image: Fukuichi Japanese Dining

Located at TripleOne Somerset, Fukuichi Japanese Dining is a convenient food destination for anyone, who is around the Orchard area. The value for money and delicious set menus, and its stellar location are key attractions that make this place a must try Japanese restaurant.

5. Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant at Liang Court

  • Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant at Liang Court Image: Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant

Founded over a century ago in Japan, Yajoyken is a popular chain restaurant that has won the hearts of not only Japaneses but also fans of this exquisite cuisine all over the world. Offering Singaporeans five outlets at convenient locations, Yajoyken is an ideal destination for office workers to have a healthy lunch or families to enjoy a tasty dinner.

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