How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned in Singapore

Carpet Cleaning Singapore
Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Dirt, insects, bacteria and skin cells are a few of the many organic compounds that find their way onto carpets. Carpets add an attractive element to spaces and cleaning your carpet regularly helps maintain its quality and integrity. A proper maintenance schedule should be kept when maintaining carpets.

If carpets are not cared for carefully,  chances are they’ll lose their function quicker. It will start looking dull, and unattractive and will collect even more dirt and other organic matter.

Humidity is bad for your carpets

Singapore is an extremely humid country. Humidity refers to the level of water vapor that is present in the air. The higher the humidity, the higher the level of water vapor there is in the air. How does humidity affect your carpet?

Moisture promotes mold growth. As Singapore is humid, carpets tend to contain higher levels of water vapor and this enables mold to thrive. Carpets located near bathrooms or other damp areas of your home are at higher risk for mold growth.

Molds are not easy to detect especially if you are not an expert. The reason for this is that mold grows hidden between the fibers of your carpets. You usually won’t know that it’s there. Molds negatively impact your health in the long run. Mold produces allergen that affects different individuals in many different ways. Allergic mold reactions however trigger symptoms such as skin rashes, difficulty breathing and cold-like symptoms.

Frequency of professionally cleaning your carpets

The frequency of cleaning your carpet is dependent on the foot traffic on the carpet. A general rule of thumb is – the higher the traffic, the higher the frequency of cleaning. Carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly on a daily basis to remove loose debris and dirt.

A professional carpet cleaning service should be scheduled at least once in a year. This is because stains and microorganisms are not able to be removed through only vacuuming.  Professionally cleaning your carpet will ensure that your carpet is deep cleaned. Deep cleaning will remove allergens, fine dirt particles and allergens efficiently. If your carpet has heavy foot traffic, then we recommend professional cleaning them minimally twice a year.

Why carpets should be cleaned by professionals regularly

Professionally cleaning your carpet enables you to have peace of mind. The professionals have accrued knowledge and experience over the years in ensuring that their carpet cleaning services are effective and safe.

A revolutionary cleaning method that is in demand now would be the dry carpet cleaning technology. This technology is innovative and enables you to deep clean your carpet with no downtime. You’d be able to use your carpet right after cleaning.

Professionally cleaning your carpets also gives you the confidence that all the debris, dirt and bacteria sitting in the deep ends of your carpet fibers are thoroughly removed.

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