The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Singapore

In Singapore, a variety of excellent wedding venues are available for bridal couples’ choices. You can find a place which is suitable to your tastes and needs from indoor venues like hotels and museums to outdoor venues like parks and gardens.

Below is the list of 5 recommended wedding venues for celebrating your big day.

1. Wedding Venue @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

  • Wedding Venue @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Image: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, with the charming Glass Pavilion, is a nostalgic architecture surrounded by lush tropical gardens. It is renowned as one of the best wedding venues in Singapore where bridal couples as well as their guests will have an unforgettable and memorable wedding reception.

What people like

  • Lovely and greenery tropical surroundings
  • Tranquil ambience within Resort Sentosa
  • Glass Pavilion, one of the most beautiful places to hold solemnisation
  • Professional and efficient service

2. Wedding Venue @ InterContinental Singapore

  • Wedding Venue @ InterContinental Singapore Image: InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental Singapore is the only Peranakan-inspired luxury hotel in the country and also an outstanding up-market wedding venue. Its knowledgeable and highly experienced wedding team will ensure you to have a wonderful and memorable wedding reception. There are seven wedding themes for customer choice, in which Peranakan Sentiment is the hotel's signature theme.

What people like

  • Luxurious ambience and gorgeous decor
  • Mouth-watering and delicious food
  • Excellent service
  • Convenient location right at the heart of Bugis area

3. Wedding Venue @ Faber Peak Singapore

  • Wedding Venue @ Faber Peak Singapore Image: Faber Peak Singapore

Located at the edge of the hill at the height 106m above sea level, Faber Peak Singapore, formerly The Jewel Box, is the only hilltop wedding destination and widely recognized as one of the most romantic wedding places in Singapore. It is the wedding place of choice for couples who want to celebrate love in a unique way.

What people like

  • Magnificent views of the nature, the sky, and the city
  • Holding an extraordinary solemnisation in the sky, in a nicely decorated cable car
  • Romantic and cozy ambience

4. Wedding Venue @ Raffles Town Club

  • Wedding Venue @ Raffles Town Club Image: Raffles Town Club

If you are looking for a place with traditional classic ambience to hold your solemnisation or wedding banquet, Raffles Town Club is highly recommended. The club has rich experience in organizing Chinese and Malay wedding receptions.

What people like

  • Affordable package prices
  • Warm and pleasant environment
  • Spacious ballroom
  • Professional, efficient, and friendly staff

5. Wedding Venue @ Jurong Bird Park

  • Wedding Venue @ Jurong Bird Park Image: Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is famous for not only one of the best attractions in Singapore but also one of the most interesting places to celebrate big days. Its 11 indoor and outdoor venues can be hired for hosting solemnisations, wedding receptions, and other gathering functions. The park also offers unique activities such as a mini-bird show, a cockatoo for a ring bearer, or even a photo opportunity with birds to entertain your guests.

What people like

  • Unique and lovely environment of nature and animals surrounded
  • A variety of entertainment packages are offered
  • Adventurous wedding theme

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