The 5 Best Hair Salons in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Hair Salons in Singapore Image: Salon Vim

Your hairstyle – your look, do you think?

The best hair teams and the best hair products have the power to perfect your image.

Herein are the 5 most reputable hair salons that have consistently provided good haircut, colouring, perming and treatments for years. Remember to make reservation in advance, especially on weekends as most of these hair salons are heavily packed.

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1. Toni & Guy Hairdressing at Mandarin Gallery

  • Toni & Guy Hairdressing at Mandarin Gallery Image: Toni & Guy Hairdressing


  • Big online hairstyle collection for customers to get some ideas before heading to the salon: Ladies, why don’t you go online and have a look at Toni & Guy Hairdressing’s wide collection of eclectic hairstyles before going to this popular salon? You may get inspired by Toni & Guy’s collection, featuring the best of the last five year hairstyles, and find a suitable fashion for yourself. View the salon’s collection here.
  • A safe choice for Western faces: For Caucasian ladies living in Singapore, an Asian country, finding a hair salon that best suits your styles may be a tricky job. Most of the local salons may not be well-versed in your styles. Some can handle well but their prices stand high. So Toni & Guy, an international brand, is a good choice since this reliable salon was originally from England with experienced hair stylists who know global trends and Caucasian’s styles, hair textures, and face features and shapes.

2. Zinc Korean Hair Salon

  • Zinc Korean Hair Salon Image: Zinc Korean Hair Salon


  • Providing best Korean style perm: Have you ever dreamed of a permed hairstyle that is romantic and elegant like Korean movie stars’? It is unnecessary to take a flight to Korea; you can have your hair permed perfectly right in Singapore. Sophisticated hairstylists at Zinc know how to give you a glamorous look with natural-looking and easy-to-be-managed perm. All you need to do is simply make your hair curled with your fingers and apply some hair serum on it.
  • Pleasant services from Korean hairstylist team: It is an all-Korean hairstylist team with the presence of three master hairstylists: Nicky, Rany and Rena, who are able to transform your look. With more than 20 year experience, be fluent in English and well versed in the latest hair trends, Nicky, director of Zinc, is the one you should look for if you wish to have a fantastic makeover. The professional and enthusiastic team will serve you with the most pleasant services – providing warm water, magazine, blanket, cushion and wifi password. But the best part of their services must be their warm and gentle care for each individual.

3. Kimage Hair Studio at Marina Square

  • Kimage Hair Studio at Marina Square Image: Kimage Hair Studio


  • Affordable prices for attention of master hairstylists: If you believe that a good hairdresser who know your hair conditions and face shape well can do a magic job to make you look better, you can find more than one of that sophisticated hairstylists at Kimage. At the price of S$70, a skillful hairdresser will shampoo and style your hair to fit your face features and lifestyles perfectly.
  • Conveniently nationwide located outlets with consistent standards: Featuring 2 prestige outlets and 12 hair studios island wide, Kimage has established itself as a favourite salon chain that is able to deliver consistently good hair services from outlet to outlet. You can visit any outlet convenient for your steps to get yourself transformed.

4. Salon Vim

  • Salon Vim Image: Salon Vim


  • Salon Vim does the best job in hair colouring: If you are looking around for a reliable salon to have your hair coloured perfectly, go ahead to Salon Vim. This salon is said to give the ultimate result beyond customers’ expectation. The experienced hairstylists will patiently listen to your requests and magically renew you with the most satisfied hairstyle. No matter what colour, tone or style you want, Salon Vim knows how to fill you up with satisfaction.
  • Mythic hair treatments available: As a flagship store of L’Oreal, Salon Vim pioneers mythic hair treatments, using powerful Mythic oil to deeply nourish and protect hair color. This method promises to bring about a balanced state for healthy hair.

5. Hair Salon Covo

  • Hair Salon Covo Image: Hair Salon Covo


  • A place for satisfying haircut done by skillful Japanese hairstylists: Covo hairstylists can help you add elegance, sexiness, cuteness, innocence or whatever style you want to your look. They all are well versed in the latest Japanese hair trends and have experience in cutting and styling hair for both Asian and Caucasian faces. Fans of bob style and those want to try this modern and sexy hairstyle can rely on the talent of Megumi and Shunya.
  • Privacy and personal service are added to your makeover: We deserve some privacy sometimes. If you just want two persons – your stylist and yourself, look at the beautification process, then a semi-private seat created by wood panels separating bay from bay will suit your need. You can simply relax on your chair, and your stylist will take care of your hair from the beginning to the end. Yes, he or she will do everything, from cutting (and/or perming, straitening, coloring) to shampooing, and blow-drying.

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