Kabayan Filipino Restaurant

  • Kabayan Filipino Restaurant Image: Kabayan Filipino Restaurant
  • Address
    #03-25 Lucky Plaza
    304 Orchard Road, Singapore 238863
  • Phone
    (65) 67380921
  • Opening hours
    Daily 09:00 - 21:00

Homey, warm, loud and cheap. Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is reminiscent of the typical carinderia (fast-food) in the Philippines. There’s a wide selection of usual dishes; from appetizers, mains, to desserts, all of which have decent taste and presentation. It is not surprising to see lots of Filipinos flock in here during weekends, so many that the restaurant tends to have a very loud environment. But this could also mean one thing; Kabayan serves good Filipino food.


  • Turo-turo (Self-service) restaurant: Head straight to the counter and point out which dishes you’d like to order. Sounds familiar, right? While this type of service isn’t truly unique, this is how most Filipinos roll in food courts and eateries so there is some sense of homey ambiance in the restaurant.
  • Dishes have strong flavour: Kabayan has experienced chefs at the helm in order to guarantee consistent Filipino taste in their dishes. Neither balanced nor smooth, the dishes have an intense flavour (garlicky, sour, sweet) and apparent texture which may not favour the palate or lifestyle of everyone. This is why it is advisable to pair your meal with a cup of rice, dessert, or vegetable side dishes.
  • Filipino breakfast favourites: Missing the fried rice, sunny side up egg, and meat combination for breakfast? Kabayan has got them all covered. Order TapSiLog (Tapa, Siningang, Itlog), one of the restaurant’s best-sellers. It is also served with slices of tomato and cucumber and pickled papaya salad.
  • Cheaper prices: As the name itself implies, Kabayan (fellow countryman) is a restaurant for the “masses”, with price ranges anywhere between S$5 and S$10 for a meal set. Both on-the-budget foodies and the thrifty ones will find this restaurant a great choice for lunch or dinner.
  • Offers catering service: A competitive catering service for your special occasions, Kabayan is more than ready to make any Filipino dish you’d ask for. Service includes dining ware and delivery/pick-up at restaurant.

Kabayan has a comprehensive menu of Filipino viands available all-day. There are about 30 dishes prepared daily plus the appetizers, desserts, and drinks. Customers can just pick amongst the dishes displayed on the counter and then take it from there. Traditional serving of rice, two viands, and a bottle of soft drink is the typical combination here.

Recommended Dishes
– Pork Sinigang (Pork in tamarind soup)
– Lumpiang Shanghai (Fried spring rolls)
– BBQ Rice Meal
– Turon (Banana spring roll)
– Custard Cake with Jackfruit Toppings
– Menudo
– Lechon Kawali with Mang Tomas Sauce
– Crispy Pata (pork knuckles)
– Leche Flan

While the atmosphere is friendly, the loud, chatting voices might distract a person who prefers the quiet and relaxing ambiance. If you’re a Filipino missing some interaction with fellow countrymen, then Kabayan is the right place to go. A cable TV is also available in the restaurant so everybody could watch GMA-Filipino channels.

Price Range: S$5 – S$10

– Kabayan Filipino Restaurant gets really busy during weekends
– Customers may book an early reservation.

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