Two Chefs Eating Place at Commonwealth

Two Chefs Eating Place at Commonwealth
Two Chefs Eating Place at Commonwealth
Image: Harley Cooper
  • Loved for
    Innovative recipes
  • Prices
    S$15 per pax
  • Address
    116 Commonwealth Crescent
    #01-129 Singapore 140116
  • Phone
    +65 6472 5361
  • Opening hours
    Mon 17:00 - 23:30
    Tue to Sun 11:30 – 14:30, 17:00 – 23:30
    Closed on every last Monday of the month
  • A hidden gem in the Commonwealth area is Two Chefs Eating Place. This eatery is particularly known for its butter pork ribs with condensed milk powder. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? But that is what makes Two Chefs one of the most popular Zi Char eating places besides their fast service and a whole array of Zi Char dishes. Read on to learn more about this Chinese-style eatery.


    • Innovative dishes: Two Chefs is particularly known for re-inventing traditional Zi Char food to suit the modern-day taste of the locals. A few examples include the Butter Pork Ribs with Milk Powder and Drunken Cockles. First-timers won’t have a hard time choosing which to eat because there are lots of recommended dishes that can leave them with memorable experiences.
    • Zi Char food was even made more affordable and served fast: Perfect for large groups of guests who are celebrating a special occasion or just simply catching up with each other over good food. Prices at this zi char place are slightly cheaper than its counterparts in the same class. Prepare anywhere between S$13 and S$18 per pax to enjoy a feast on multiple dishes with a group of friends.
    • Allows you to place an order before you even secure a table: The dining area is spacious but the popularity of the restaurant overwhelms it during dinner. So to make sure guests will have a fulfilling dining experience, diners are enabled to order in advance while waiting in line. This also gives the chefs enough time to prepare the food as fresh and hot as they should come.
    • Near-raw cockles to “warm the cockles of your heart”: If you go by the Two Chefs rule, you must jumpstart your appetite with Drunken Cold Cockles. It is served cold, loaded with garlic, and chives, and doused in a very spicy sauce, ready to warm up your stomach.
    • Butter pork ribs with powdered milk: You won’t go wrong with this dish, especially if you’re a dairy person. Every chunk of pork ribs is deep-fried to perfection and then covered with condensed milk powder making it a total eye candy. The taste is richer than the other butter dishes around the country, and the succulent meats add value to the overall experience.

    MENU: Two Chefs’ menu features a load of meaty mains and seafood. Diners can find good selections of fish, prawns, crab, pork, chicken, beef, beancurd, vegetables, soup, rice & noodles on its menu. Some dishes are not your typical Zi Char food as the chefs try hard to be creative.


    • Butter Pork Ribs
    • Drunken Cold Cockles
    • Golden Mushroom Beancurd
    • Pork Floss with Fried Buttered Prawns
    • Fried Prawns served with Mayonnaise
    • Herbal Chicken Soup
    • Cereal Prawns

    AMBIANCE: Two Chefs Eating Place has an undeniably welcoming atmosphere. There are also large tables to accommodate the large group of guests, particularly families who have made it their tradition to eat together during the weekend.

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