Nara Thai Cuisine’s Vegetarian Catering Service

  • Nara Thai Cuisine’s Vegetarian Catering Service Image: Nara Thai Cuisine
  • Address
    Nara Thai Cuisine @ ION Orchard
    2 Orchard Turn #B3-21
  • Phone
    (65) 6634 5787
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Yet another award-winning Thai restaurant, Nara has got plenty of signature food items to offer. It’s the closest thing you can get to authentic Ayutthaya boat noodles, steamed sea bass with chili lime sauce, or stir-fried soft shell crab. Nara has two outlets in Singapore at Ion Orchard and Westgate, which you can contact for catering services.


  • Vegetarian Thai menu: Want something new for your vegetarian meal? Or you’re with a bunch of adventurous foodies who want to explore the scrumptious Thai food? Nara’s vegetarian dishes derived from old-age Thai recipes might fill you with wonder. Pomelo salad, stir-fried kalian with garlic, Thai herbs blue fried rice, and Phad Thai are just some of the delicious dishes on its menu.
  • Food quality doesn’t disappoint: Voted as one of the best Thai restaurants on the island, Nara is a trustworthy culinary destination to many foodies. You can never go wrong with its catering foods which are as equally good as its restaurant ones.
  • No mock meat on the menu: Yay, perfect for strict vegetarians! If you have guests who prefer to eat greens only, this caterer can help you. But don’t be too hasty if you think you’re going to have limited options because Nara has got approximately 28 food items on its menu.
  • Customizable option: In such a way that you will be able to reduce the quantity of food in order to improve its quality. This gives you the chance to leave a long lasting impression on your guests about your party or event. Plus, the service is professional with emphasis on on-time delivery.


  • Nara Thai Cuisine has two vegetarian menu options, Malisa and Malisa Premium Banquet, with up to 8 food categories.
  • Malisa Vegetarian Buffet – S$14.90/7 courses/min 25 pax
  • Malisa Premium Vegetarian Buffet – S$16.90/8 courses/min 20 pax


PAYMENT MODE: Cash/Cheque on delivery

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