Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

  • Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Image: Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
  • Address
    16 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
  • Phone
    (65) 6763 4939
  • Opening hours
    Daily lunch: 12:00 to 15:00
    Daily dinner: 18:00 to 22:30

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant is another interesting venue to try out. It is a place to be for those who enjoy sashimi as well as other cooked seafood and prefer quality than quantity.


  • Excellent complimentary dishes: Shin Yuu's house specials which are wished to be repeated endlessly are fabulous with the presence of oyster, salmon aburi, seared tuna belly sushi, sliced smoked duck, fried sliver fish and cheese-baked tiger prawn. These are so fresh and tasty that you can’t forget.
  • Great sashimi: Including tuna, salmon, swordfish, kingfish and octopus, the colorful sashimi moriawase at Shin Yuu satisfies the craving sashimi lovers through the deliciousness of each thick seafood slice.

Complimentary dishes are served almost immediately after being seated. The chefs start slicing sashimi at the moment any guests enter the restaurant so the dishes will be served fast after ordering. Plates are frequently changed and green tea is constantly refilled by the attentive staff.

This restaurant with its clean and modern setting and cozy ambience is suitable for a leisurely meal with friends.

To be considered

Food range
Shin Yuu’s menu consists of appetizers, sashimi, sushi, tempura, seafood, meat, rice and noodles. There are not many choices of vegetables and soup dishes. The food range may not wide enough for those who prefer a variety of dishes. However, people who would like to experience  some favorite dishes will be satisfied with high quality foods here.

Prices are on high side. Dinner menu prices are much more expensive than lunch but special dishes that are not on the regular menu, such as oysters, king crab and tuna belly will be offered.

Shin Yuu is located in Greenwood Ave, where you will feel peaceful and unhurried lifestyle. However, it is an inconvenient place to get to.

Free parking is available along the side of the row of restaurants and shops

Must try
– Chawamushi
– Makimono
– Wafu steak
– Shishamo
– Kuruma ebi teriyaki
– Soft shell crab
– Beef short-rib

Lunch: S$36.90++ (Adult) | S$21.90++ (Child)
Dinner: S$49.90++ (Adult) | S$29.90++ (Child)

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