The 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Singapore

Best Mexican Restaurant Singapore
Best Mexican Restaurant Singapore
Image: Café Iguana

Craving for Mexican street food like tacos and elotes or longing for a beautiful glass of margarita? Whether you want the authentic flavours or are more into Tex-Mex fare, head yourself to the best among a number of Mexican restaurants in Singapore to indulge in your favorites.

At Viva Mexico, the exciting and colorful Mexican street vibe is infused into the venue itself to make the dining experience a thrilling adventure.

Lucha Loco, Piedra Negra and Cafe Iguana are where the best Mexican drinks go hand in hand with delicious foods. The young and the young at heart will definitely enjoy the best versions of elotes, guacamole and margaritas in the lively atmosphere of those places.

And the working crowd who just needs a quick yet tasty lunch, will be pleased with the flavourful burritos offered at Muchachos.

1. Lucha Loco

Lucha Loco Image: Lucha Loco


  • Mexican street food: Lucha Loco wins hands down when it comes to street-style, honest Mexican food. Lip-smacking dishes such as Elotes (street style grilled corn), Tacos, Quesadillas, Chili Rellanos (mushroom stuffed poblano chili) and Costillas de Cerdo (chipotle and honey glazed pork ribs) draw both expats and locals.
  • Famous for a beautiful selection of tacos: Tacos here may look fairly small, but they surely pack a flavoursome punch. Don’t miss their most sought after tacos like “Taco de Chorizo con Res” (Chorizo and braised beef brisket), “Taco de Pescado” (Snapper taco with achiote, red onion salsa, chipotle mayo) and “Taco de Carnitas” (Pork belly).
  • Marvellous after work place with flowing drinks and lively atmosphere: Besides mind-blowing tequilas in amazing flavours, Lucha Loco has a good selection of cocktails, spirits and beers to offer. Flowing drinks, great music and the vibrant location of Duxton Hill makes it a perfect place to chill- out with friends post work.
  • Tapas-style small servings make your meals fun and exciting. Small individual sized portions make it possible to try and relish so many different things.

2. Café Iguana

Café Iguana Image: Café Iguana


  • Delicious Tex-Mex food with hearty portions: Love contemporary Mexican fare? Get your Mexican fix at Café Iguana with an amazing varieties of cheese loaded nachos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, steak chimichangas, churros and fajitas. Some fusion dishes such as pasta and grilled prawns on the hotplate are hit too.
  • Happy hours with “Margarita Madness”: Slurp on your favourite House margaritas at astonishingly cheaper rates in the happy hours. They even give half-price discounts when you order your next jug. A glass is just S$5.50 from 11:00 – 15:00, S$7.50 from 15:00 – 18:00, S$9.50 from 18:00 – 20:00, S$ 14 from 20:00 – 23.00. And get a mind-blowing 30-40 % discount again after 23:00 hours.
  • Free flowing tortilla chips and chunky salsa dip keeps the party going. And you can’t stop when the chips are served fresh straight from the fryer.
  • Riverside view across the vibrant Clarke Quay makes for a great location to enjoy your food and drinks. Grab a seat outside and allow yourself to revel in the fun and excitement of your surroundings. You can also enjoy a bumboat ride or take a leisurely walk along the Singapore River after dinner.

3. Viva Mexico

Viva Mexico Image: Viva Mexico


  • Tasty Tex-Mex fare: Just by seeing the shredded meat, cheese, and beans that make up your enchilada alone, you could tell that this dish is Tex-Mex. Not that this is bad for someone who’s expecting to get traditional Mexican cuisine in this restaurant, but the menu is enough to satiate your cravings for tostadas, guacamole, enchiladas, chili con carne, mole, quesadillas, nachos, and tamales larranzair.
  • A place for fans of Nachos: Mexican appetisers are characterized by the crispiness, quality of corn, and freshness of its tortillas. Who would want a sloppy tortilla anyway? So at Viva Mexico, it is worth mentioning that the tortillas taste fresh and crack well in the mouth upon every bite. Nachos are dazzled with real and big jalapeno chilies, melted cheese, beans, and chipotle paste.
  • Generous portions of New Zealand Steak Enchiladas: Beef steak combined with Mexican sauce and dip? Couldn’t be better. Viva Mexico is popular for its beef steak sourced from New Zealand, and then chargrilled well-done. To add traditional Mexican touch to the mix, the meat is stuffed into crispy fried tortillas along with cheese, greens, Habanero sauce, refried beans, guacamole, and rice.
  • Mexican restaurant for vegans: Vegans won’t sell themselves short with the restaurant’s extensive veggie options from salads, entrees to mains. There’s eggplant with spinach and cheese for the main course, but you can also go a bit adventurous with Mexican Hotpot, a home-style vegetable dish doused in spicy tomato sauce and is served with rice.

4. Muchachos

Muchachos Image: Muchachos


  • A popular place for burritos: Looking for delicious burritos in town? Make your way to Muchachos. Inspired by Subway and Chipotle, the concept at Muchachos is simple. You can build your own burrito from your choice of protein (or greens for vegans) salsa, filings, and sides, after which your burrito will be wrapped in tin foil – classic mission style. The burritos are large enough to be shared by two persons. Chips and guacamole do come at an extra price but they’re worth it.
  • Authentic Mexican hot sauce: If you’re a big fan of Mexican hot sauces like Sriracha and Tapatio, you can have it here at Muchachos. First-timers must be warned of the spiciness of these sauces, though. Other sides and dips like guacamole, pico de gallo, spicy verde salsa, sour cream, among many others are also available.
  • 50-cent buffalo-style chicken wings every Wednesday: This dish is enough reason for thrifty diners to travel up their way to Keong Saik Road. Aside from its cheap price at 50 cents per wing, the meat does taste satisfying with its vinegary sauce, home-made creamy dip, and tender-juicy chicken. It can definitely give other Buffalo style chicken wings joint a run for its money.
  • Mexican soda and beer: Completing a burrito-themed dining experience with a bottle of Corona beer or Jarritos (soda) wouldn’t have been possible in Singapore without Muchachos. No wonder this burrito joint is being frequented by those who want to have a chill night-out after work. Definitely a go-to place for the fans of burritos and beers!

5. Piedra Negra

Piedra Negra Image: Piedra Negra


  • Delicious Mexican cuisine at a wallet-friendly price: Tough to find a good Mexican restaurant in Singapore without paying a whopping price? Not anymore. At Peidra Negra you can enjoy delicious, authentic Mexican specialties – Beef and Chicken Burritos, Flauto Tacos, Guacamole with chips, Beef Alambre and Ceviches ­– at quite a reasonable price.
  • A unique Mexican menu serving some off-beat, interesting dishes: Besides the traditional Mexican suspects, be pleasantly surprised with delicious grilled steaks and rare but wonderful dishes such as Mexican hamburger, cactus salad and rollito de platano (deep-fried habaneros stuffed with cream cheese and plantain).
  • A real Mexican vibe with a vibrant, colourful ambience: Munching on nachos and sipping Margaritas have never been this fun. Whether it is the artsy murals on entrance or quirky colourful interiors with quaint chandeliers, mosaic tiles and life-size sculptures, the entire setting conspires to make you feel as if you are dining right in Mexico.
  • Guacamole made fresh right in front of you: Surprised by a mortar and pestle on your table? While you look on, a server will deftly crush avocado with chopped onions, tomatoes, serrano chili and coriander. A right dash of lime juice and your chunky dip is ready to be scooped with crunchy tortilla chips.

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