Which Nightclub in Singapore has the best Ladies Nights?

Zul Chua, Photographer, Avid Traveler
Answered November 24, 2020

Well, ladies, are you up to a free night in Singapore? You’ve arranged with your partners to visit sports bars with their buddies or stay home to prepare a midnight meal, and now you’re in for some fun. Good for you since there is a selection of nightclubs where you can entertain with your lady coworkers and friends. 

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Without further ado, let’s find out which nightclub in Singapore has the best ladies’ nights that take place on Wednesdays. 

CÉ LA VI – The Higher a Nightclub, the Merrier a Ladies’ Night

To admire Singapore’s skyline and benefit from a free glass (or even bottle) of Champagne, pay a visit to CÉ LA VI for your ladies’ night. Bring up to four girlfriends (until the Covid-19 crisis gives us a break) and have a toast at the rooftop Skybar. 

Note: While the Coronavirus pandemic lasts, CÉ LA VI’s girls’ nights out take place from 4 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday. Once the crisis ceases, don’t bother coming before 10 pm. 

The Bar At 15 Stamford – Girls’ Nights Out With Free Drinks

Fashion devotees have every reason to visit The Bar At 15 Stamford. For starters, learn what cocktails the nightclub has on offer since their names may match those of famous fashion houses. And, if you happen to have a bag with Gucci’s, Channel’s, or Dior’s logo on it, enjoy your free cocktail. 

Even if you carry an “ordinary” bag, don’t worry. A complimentary glass of rosé wine will get you started on your ladies’ night out.

Note: There is a catch if you are a smoker. Since smoking is not an option at The Bar At 15 Stamford, leave cigarettes at home. 

1-Altitude: Mount Everest of Singapore’s Nightlife Scene

You may have thought that CÉ LA VI was the Garden City’s highest nightlife hotspot, and I don’t blame you. However, 1-Altitude doesn’t have its name for naught since it is Singapore’s highest rooftop bar and among the highest in the world. Enough chit-chat, let us get to the point, OK? 

On Wednesday, sisterhoods benefit from free entry and affordable drinks. But, keep sipping cocktails under control since you’ll want to busy your feet on the dance floor. Also, try to arrive early to admire the sunset as the night slowly descends on the city-state. 

The Exchange – A Big Drinks Selection for Picky Sisterhoods

You and your female friends will find The Exchange a favorite nighttime hotspot if you like mixing drinks. Get Vodka, Margarita, cocktails, and wines flowing without breaking a bank, and have an Australian dish or two at hand. The place has an extensive wine list, and you are likely to need more time to make your choice than wet your throat afterward.

KPO Cafe Bar – Top Ladies’ Nights Post Shopping Hotspot

Having a ladies’ night after shopping is something special, don’t you agree? And what place is better for that than KPO Cafe Bar, near Orchard Road? Choose whether you prefer an outdoor or indoor space for some girls-only time and enjoy attractive discounts on wine bottles. 


There are many contenders for the Best Nightclub in Singapore for Ladies’ Nights title, but the five mentioned are creme de la creme among them. So, reserve Wednesday for girls’ nights out, but take boyfriends to Singapore’s top romantic restaurants any other day. If you are looking for one, check out the best Lion City’s dating websites

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