5 Best Brunches in Singapore with Endless Flow of Champagne

Image: Seasonal Tastes

Are there any meals more luxurious and indulgent than a Sunday champagne brunch in Singapore? It is like a party for a King in which gourmet foods and champagne are served endlessly. Nobody picks this feast for his every Sunday meal, but it is definitely an ideal choice for special occasions.

When it comes to Sunday champagne brunch in Singapore, there is always the presence of champagne, cocktails, cold seafood, cold cuts, carving meats, cheeses, bread and a wide range of desserts.

So what make the differences between these champagne brunches? Our highlights will give you some clues to find out the answers for both the attractions and the champagne venue you may want to indulge in most.

1. Brasserie Les Saveurs Sunday Champagne Brunch

Brasserie Les Saveurs Sunday Champagne Brunch Image: Brasserie Les Saveurs


  • Dining room of the heaven: It is one of the most romantic and beautiful dinning rooms you can ever see in Singapore. Brasserie Les Saveurs is a crown, adorned with super high and wide French windows, tall ceiling with fabulous chandeliers, elegant floral pattern carpet as well as beige and crimson armchairs. All are luxurious.
  • Services of the heaven: The semi-buffet concept brings a touch of fine dining to the way diner enjoy their party – being served at the table with awesome appetizers, main course, Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve champagne and cocktails. You are there to be pampered and the service crew do it excellently.
  • Desserts of the heaven: Sunday champagne brunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs has one of the best dessert selections in town. The exquisite mountain of around 20 types of French-style desserts will awake the beauty-loving puzzle piece within you as well as your senses. Any doubt? Let the lemon meringue tart prove it.

2. Bar and Billiard Room Sunday Champagne Brunch

Bar and Billiard Room Sunday Champagne Brunch Image: Bar and Billiard Room


  • Lost in the carvery: Carnivores would be extremely happy with a wide selection of meats, presented at cold cuts and carving station. Let their names do the job of inspiration: Spanish jamon Iberico de Bellota, roasted Welsh lamb, Australian prime rib, peppered tenderloin carpaccio, Italian bresaola, organic milk-fed rack of veal, BBQ Iberico pork ribs, Omaha beef tenderloin, Tomahawk prime rib and so many more. At Bar and Billiard Room Sunday champagne brunch, quantity is accompanied by top-notch quality.
  • A perfectly tranquil and enchanting atmosphere: Located at the lobby of Raffles hotel, Bar and Billiard Room has a quaint beauty of the place it belongs to. Bar and Billiard Room sets it apart from other Sunday champagne brunch venues in town by its unparalleled ambience. Colonial feel created by wooden furniture, tiled floor, chandeliers and old-fashion ceiling fans adds some nostalgia to the buffet air and partly calms the bustling urban living style down for a wonderful feast. There are also some green from outside garden as well as elegant and stylish fellow diners, the atmosphere is filled up with relaxing and enchanting elements.

3. The Edge Sunday Champagne Brunch

The Edge Sunday Champagne Brunch Image: The Edge


  • The longest champagne brunch in Singapore: While most of Sunday champagne brunches in town last from two and a half hours to three hours, Sunday champagne brunch at The Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore has its length up to 4 hours. A four-hour Sunday afternoon meal with endless flow of gourmet foods and Veuve Clicquot Champagne? It is absolutely the longest and most leisure meal you have in the whole week to live in a pampering way of life – savouring both your favorites and interesting conversations.
  • Seven live cooking theatres: Ordering foods at these live cooking stations is a good way to have your dishes piping hot. Ask the chefs to make tom yam, Thai salad, grill Wagyu beef, seafood, sausages or cut salmon and tuna belly in the way you love. Don’t forget to hand over a wooden stick labeled with your table number to the chef to have your dish served right at your table.
  • There is a two-meter long cheeseboard available showcasing over 30 artisanal cheeses.
  • Children below six dine for free: It is a fancy affair and most of the champagne brunches in town do charge for a meal of children above the age of three, but your little child can have his or her free entry at The Edge. And a Kids’ Corner with DVDs is there for children to have some fun.

4. Mezza9 Sunday Champagne Brunch

Mezza9 Sunday Champagne Brunch Image: Mezza9


  • Diverse brunch options cater to all types of diners: Mezza9 isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” kind of place. This establishment offers several different tiers of price options based on the drinks served. Every single option on the menu comes with unlimited drinks, including champagnes, red wine, bloody marys, beer, and mojitos. There’s even a non-alcoholic option including fruit juices and soft drinks, so if you’re not a drinker, you won’t have to pay for alcohol.
  • 9 separate dining experiences under one roof: As suits the name, Mezza9 offers 9 different culinary experiences – seafood, the deli, Thai, the grill, the rotisserie, the steam basket, yakitori, sushi, and the patisserie. Each one of these stations is serving up delectable dishes that are as varied as they are tasty, and the menu is always changing, so you’ll never have the exact same experience twice.
  • Stylish, yet relaxed atmosphere: Unlike some other Sunday brunch places, Mezza9 ambience is relaxed and fun, not at all stuffy or uptight. Diners are encouraged to relax, eat and drink delicious food and drinks, and enjoy the classy, white-tablecloth experience and great service.

5. Colony @ The Ritz-Carlton

Colony @ The Ritz-Carlton Image: Colony


  • A showcase of the best dishes Asian cultures have to offer: Colony’s buffet menu puts a focus on local, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Malaysian cuisines. Top hits are roasted duck, crackling pork belly, satay, double-boiled abalone black chicken, and adraki lamb. Western favorites like air-dried Wagyu beef, black forest ham, and iberico ham are also added to excite the show.
  • Wide spread of dishes: Expect more than 100 beautifully presented dishes spreading over 7 food stations which are The Ice Bar, Live Egg Station, Grills & Rotisserie, The Wok, The Steam Basket, The Tandoor, and The Patisserie. Only what is covered at The Ice Bar (Oysters, Alaskan king crab, snow crab, lobster claw, scallops, clams, prawns, mussels, yabbies, sushi, sashimi, salad) are more than enough to make many happy.
  • Stunningly bright dining room: Bright lights, high ceilings and gorgeous plush seating areas surrounded by photographs scattered on the walls, Colony’s ambience is elegant, sophisticated, and bursting with class. It is just an ideal place to click the champagne glasses with your loved ones on special occasions.

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