The 5 Best Korean BBQ in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Korean BBQ in Singapore Image: Ssikkek BBQ

Korean movies have inspired millions of people in the world to enjoy BBQ in Korean style. Close your eyes and think of the common movie scene in which a man appears in a cold day sitting at a BBQ place alone or with friends holding a glass of soju and enjoying grilling delicious meats in a unique way. It is so appealing that we wish to be in that place once in life.

This kind of movie scene makes Korean BBQ one of the big things in Singapore’s food scene. In a hot and humid country, grilling meats on a hot pan during the meal seems less pleasurable. However, thing works in its own way. No matter how hot it is, Singaporeans have a constant love for Korean BBQ.

Thus, to pass convenience to you, herein we introduce the most recommended Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore for you to be a character in a Korean movies’ BBQ party.

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1. Ssikkek BBQ

  • Ssikkek BBQ Image: SSIKKEK BBQ


  • Food paradise for meat eaters: Fresh and well-marinated beef, pork and chicken are always full in deep trays for a meat paradise experience. The Ssikkek-style marinated meats reveal true Korean flavors while the non-marinated meats are available for you to jazz them up with your own recipes before letting them be grilled on the pan.
  • Wide variety of food: Catching your eyes with an array of dishes at the uncooked and cooked food sections, Ssikkek offers a wide food selection for your BBQ party. You can enjoy bacon, sausages, seafood and side dishes between your meat helpings.
  • Reasonably-priced lunch buffet: With $14, we can have a lunch buffet with unlimited helpings of meats (beef, pork and chicken) and an array of cooked items. Salad greens and condiments are also available for you to balance out your meal.

2. 2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant

  • 2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant Image: 2D1N Soju Bang


  • Cheap prices: At S$20+ per pax, diners can get free flow of meats, seafood, vegetables, cooked foods, fruits and drinks.
  • Authentic Korean food: Budget food but good quality. Well-marinated and fresh vegetables complement each other to bring you the true Korean’s flavors.

3. K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet

  • K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet Image: K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet


  • Well-stocked buffet areas with good spread of meats: All one needs for a satisfying Korean BBQ meal is available – cooked food, pickles, marinated and non-marinated meats, seafood, fruits, desserts, and soft drinks. Big meat eaters can make your pick from the pork belly, beef short rib, beef bulogi, chicken sausages, squid, prawn and much more.
  • Value for money weekday lunch buffets: The prices are very affordable and among the cheapest in Singapore for a Korean BBQ buffet! With lunch at just $14.90+ per pax, you will definitely get the bang for your buck at K Cook. Check out their Facebook page for regularly updated promotions, such as the 4-come-and-pay-3 promotion.
  • Korean BBQ with a view: Located on the 7th floor of Orchard Central, K Cook dining areas, including an air-conditioned room and an open-air area, serve diners with a nice view of Orchard Road. It seems a small spend for a little luxury.

4. Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant

  • Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant Image: Blue Garden Restaurant


  • The power of bulgogi: Meat, especially bulgogi, is the main draw of Blue Garden. Available in three types, bulgogi at Blue Garden is something to die for. Besides bulgogi, non-marinated meats such as Pork Collar, Beef Belly and Pork Belly are also worth a try as they are so fresh, sweet and tender.
  • Wide selection of side dishes: There is a good selection of side dishes to whet your appetite and to refresh your taste buds between meat helpings. Banchan fans may take pleasure in tasting featured items like spicy rice cakes, kimchi pancakes, kimchi fried rice, fried chicken wings, cold salad, Korean ginseng chicken soup, seaweed soup, abalone porridge and kimchi.

5. 8 Korean BBQ

  • 8 Korean BBQ Image: 8 Korean BBQ


  • Premium BBQ meats: Unlike other BBQ restaurants in town that place the focus on the variety of meats, 8 Korean BBQ shines a light on the quality. Its a la carte style menu features premium meat options, from Mangalitza pork to Japanese Wagyu, Argentinian Grass Fed, and USDA Prime beef. This is good for when you want to treat your taste buds something special.
  • Pork belly in 8 different flavors: Among the meats grilling on the hot BBQ plate, pork belly is always the most awaited. If you are a fan of this melt-in-the-mouth food, give the 8 Colours Set a try to taste pork belly in 8 different styles (original, wine, ginseng, garlic, curry, herb, miso, and red pepper paste) at a time. The price is not cheap ($98/set), so save it for a special occasion.
  • Addictive Makgeolli: Sweet rice wine to complement the grilled meat, can anything be better than this? Good news is that 8 Korean BBQ has really good Makgeolli on offer. Don’t miss out on trying their Yuza Makgeolli and Honey Makgeolli, which are so delicious and refreshing.

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