The 7 Best Air-con Services in Singapore

  • The 7 Best Air-con Services in Singapore

Air conditioning is an important part of our Singaporean life. We need cool and refreshed air to ensure the comfort for our body all day long.

So make sure that your air conditioners are maintained regularly. Or the currently occurring problem is fixed promptly.

Just through a phone call, you can have an experienced staff from a reliable aircon service company come to your house and give a right treatment to your ventilation system. To get things done in fast and effective manner, you may need a list of trustworthy aircon service providers to rely on when needed.

We have done that for you. Scan through our Highlights, which can be seen below, to find a company that suits your needs.

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1. Newway Systems

  • Newway Systems Image: Newway Systems


  • One of the most reputable air conditioning firms in Singapore: Since its establishment in 1987, this company has won numerous awards including Successful Entrepreneur 2013, SMEs Asia Award Singapore 2014, and Building & Construction Excellent Award 2013. The team’s achievements are the best things that can prove their service quality.
  • The air con service that is fit for corporate projects: Yes, the company’s highly experienced team has successfully completed plenty of air con related assignments for organizations like Audi, Citibank, Changi Airport Group, Keppel Land, Starhub, Singapore General Hospital, and many more.
  • Utilising organic enzymatic steaming technology: Newway Systems has applied this technology to clean air conditioners throughout and kill germs and bacteria. This method includes no harmful chemicals. So set your mind at rest!

2. Maxicool Services

  • Maxicool Services Image: Maxicool Services


  • Transparent and reasonable prices: Offering services at competitive rates is a big draw of Maxicool Services. For one time general cleaning service, the price is S$40 for first fancoil and S$20 for every subsequent fancoil. Moreover, the company offers customers 30 day warranty against workmanship for all services.
  • Giving free consultation via its Facebook fanpage: If you have any enquiries regarding air conditioner, don’t hesitate to tell them by posting it on Maxicool Services fanpage. They will usually reply with sound advice within hours.

3. Socool Pte Ltd

  • Socool Pte Ltd Image: SoCool


  • 24/7 aircon servicing: Need aircon servicing in the evening or on weekend? SoCool got you covered. Their aircon specialists are available 24/7, to ensure your air conditioner issue is taken care of at your convenient time and as quickly as possible.
  • Expertise in dealing with all aircon brands: Whether your air conditioner is a popular Mitsubishi model or a non-popular Midea or Gree unit, rest assured that an experienced technician will service it the right way.
  • Offering 90 day warranty on service workmanship for all services.

4. Marvellous Aircon


  • Competitive service rates: Marvellous Aircon will provide you with the fairest and lowest quotation with every service. Need to service a couple of units, but worried about the price? Marvellous Aircon allows you to service your first unit at 40$, and any subsequent unit for just $15. There are also multiple unit deals for a chemical wash service, and aircon overhaul.
  • 24/7 on-demand aircon service: Staffed with a 24/7 help desk team, Marvellous Aircon are willing to assist you with any queries at any time. Whether you are dealing with a faulty unit, or would like to enquire about their prices, you can do so at any time by giving the team a quick call or message.
  • Broad aircon expertise: Whatever the brand, service, or query, Marvellous Aircon will do their best to accommodate for your needs, as they are experts in dealing with various brands and service requests.

5. AireControl

  • AireControl Image: AireControl


  • Extensive service vehicles and technician teams: Require speedy air-con service? Rest assured that AireControl has you covered. Equipped with 17 service vehicles and staffed with more than 20 skilled technicians, AireControl is able to assist any air-con related needs shortly.
  • Specialized in electronic circuit board repair: As AireControl actively trains technicians on new and advanced skills, they are currently the only company that provides air conditioner circuit board repair (PCB). Instead of spending extra money on a replacement unit, simply allow AireControl to repair the PCB for a fraction of the cost!
  • Highly experienced in handling Toshiba air conditioners: AireControl is working as the sole service agent for Toshiba train’s air conditioners use in SMRT trains. This means they are an expert in installing and repairing Toshiba units.
  • Regular valuable promotion programs: This company tries to remain competitively priced, which helped them build a large customer base. They have also won people’s heart through their frequent valuable promotions. Don’t forget to check their website for a chance to grab a discount or deal that helps you save cost.

6. Gain City Aircon Service

  • Gain City Aircon Service Image: Gain City Aircon Service


  • Having rich experience in air con servicing field: Gain City has long been recognized as the largest air con retailer and the oldest air con service provider in the lion city with a wide range of services. This over-35-year-old company has been awarded Singapore Superbrands Awards for many years.
  • Specialized in new air con installation projects: Gain City is highly experienced in consulting and setting up new air con systems for both households and offices. Some of its remarkable jobs are installing air conditioners for Singapore F1 Grand Prix, Singapore Air Show, Youth Olympic Games 2010, and National Day Parade.
  • Implementing good policy Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed or No Payment: Under this policy, customers don’t have to pay anything if the agreed scope of work is unfulfilled.

7. Aircon Astiquer

  • Aircon Astiquer Image: Aircon Astiquer


  • The inventor Kevin and his own-created air con cleaning machines add more color to Singapore’s air con maintenance field: Kevin, the air con specialist and the founder of Aircon Astiquer, is passionate about creating equipment that can remove air con mold more effectively. His machines with HydroJET and ChemJET cleaning methods have won the hearts of many Singaporean users through the perfect cleaning results.
  • Customers can learn good air con maintenance tips from an expert: Despite being famous, Kevin is friendly and helpful. He is always willing to give customers useful tips on how to simply maintain the air con. This normally works well in making people certain that every job is done with expertise.
  • Booking for service is easy: Astiquer's website allows customers to check available time slots and make booking conveniently.

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