What are some fun & free activities to enjoy in Singapore?

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Sumeet Shan, Master Chef at my own kitchen
Answered November 09, 2017

I had the chance to visit Singapore earlier this year and here are some of the free things that I enjoyed during my visit.

On the top of my list is Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the bay singapore
Gardens by the Bay

While the domed attractions require an entrance fee, you can explore the Super Tree Grove with absolutely no cost. The Skywalk also costs some money but I was content with staying under the shade of the Super Trees and taking selfies with the beautiful surroundings. You can stay until evening to catch the spectacularly lit Super Trees during the Garden Rhapsody.

Another free attraction in Singapore is the Botanic Gardens, which I like most.

Singapore botanic gardens
Photo credit: Singapore Botanic Gardens

You can easily spend the whole day in this lush greenery with abundant wildlife. You can also find here the National Orchid Garden which costs a mere SGD5 for adults. Children under 12 years old can get in for free.  Not bad for a chance to see over 1,000 species of Singapore’s national flower. You might even chance upon the regular free concert of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra!

If window shopping is your thing, you can take a leisurely stroll along Orchard Road.

Orchard road singapore
Photo credit: Erwin Soo

This shopping street is dubbed as Asia’s most famous and stretches for over 2 kilometres. You can find almost anything here: shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, art galleries and more! Don’t worry, the line of huge angsana trees and the pedestrian mall will keep you covered from the scorching Singapore sun.

If you are a health buff like me, you can take an afternoon jog or walk around Marina Bay.

Helix Bridge singapore
Photo credit: chlky0001

Singapore’s popular landmarks are located here so you can make a few stops and take a photo. You can start from the Esplanade and walk towards the grandstand, cross Helix Bridge, pass by Arts and Science Museum and Marina Bay Sands, and head towards One Fullerton. Your last stop will be at Merlion Park where you can take your Instagram photo with the Merlion Statue!

Another one of my favorite free activities in Singapore is watching the sunset from the Esplanade Roof Terrace. No words can describe the breathtaking view as you watch the sky change colors while the Singapore skyline lights up and transforms before your eyes!

From the Esplanade, you can take a short walk towards the Event Plaza along the Promenade to watch the amazing light and water show called Spectra.

Light and music show singapore
Photo credit: Marina Bay Sands

It runs for 15 minutes every night at 8PM. This show is a wonderful display of modern technology that will dazzle you with a colorful symphony of lights, water, and music.

Zul Chua, Photographer, Avid Traveler
Answered October 05, 2020

While usually not evoking affordability, Singapore has many costless activities to offer. Whatever your interests (entertainment, history, or else) are, you have a lot of options to choose from in the Lion City. 

Without further ado, let’s see what fun and free activities you can enjoy in Singapore.

Take Free (Tip Based) Walking Tours

A historic metropolis nicknamed “A City in a Garden” seems like a fine place to explore, do you agree? True to its fame, it has many hidden gems, legends, and cultures for you to discover. And there are various suppliers of tip-based sightseeing options available.

Tour About Singapore introduces the history of the city-state on the Fort Canning Legends tour. If you are more curious about the present Merlion city, take Chinatown Tour.

Indie Singapore is a reputable provider introducing main sites, off-the-beaten paths, and more. To learn more about Marina Bay, The Walking Singapore is the supplier you should check out. 

Guided tours are suitable for people of all ages.

Note: Besides those, many other providers are available. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, though, some currently don’t operate. 

Have Fun While Visiting Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Located in Chinatown, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is among the top tourist attractions of the Lion City. The place of worship houses, as believed, a tooth of Buddha, and you can learn a lot about Buddhism and Hinduism there. Thus, this activity is favorite among fans of art, culture, and religions. 

Among other exhibits and decorations, you will admire dragon carvings, Buddhist artifacts, and mythical Naga creatures. Personal items of prominent monks are also on display. Don’t miss the lush rooftop to see one of the largest prayer wheels in the world. 

Admire Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay

Gazing at Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay up close is another entertaining and costless activity to enjoy in the Merlion city. Before you arrive, flex your neck since 12 giant trees are up to 50 meters/164 feet tall. 

Note that you don’t pay to visit Supertree Grove, which doesn’t stand for other complex’s points of interest. Whatever your interests are, you should allocate time to visit this top attraction of the Gardens by the Bay. 

Attend Spectra Show at Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk 

The 15-minute Spectra show is another highlight of the Little Red Dot that fascinates young and old alike. It takes place at Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk daily at 8 pm, 9 pm, and, on Friday and Saturday, 10 pm.   

Spectra combines light and water to a stunning effect. You will see how closely can water mimic fireworks, a phoenix emerging from the water and performing, and more. For the best experience, watch from the Event Plaza. 

Cross a Suspension Bridge at MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie is the nature park popular among nature lovers, people enjoying sports (running and kayaking, among others), and adventurers. 

The focal point of many is a suspension bridge hanging 25 meters (80+ feet) above the ground. Its length is 250 meters (820 feet), connecting the reserve’s two highest points. Hence, don’t pursue this enterprise if you suffer from vertigo. 

The one-way bridge is narrow and sometimes crowded, so you may need some time to cross it. Besides admiring the treetops, try to catch a glimpse of flying foxes, the world’s largest bats. You can take the TreeTop Walk from 9 am (8:30 am on weekends) to 5 pm. 

Note: Due to maintenance, the bridge is closed until May 2021.

Look for More?

Our list of free and entertaining activities in Singapore is far from complete. 

You can explore the Botanic Garden free of charge, excepts the National Orchid Garden (the full price is SG$5). Also, stop by Sri Mariamman Temple, Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, and Sultan Masjid Mosque.  

During a layover at the airport, take a Changi Point Coastal Walk.

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