What to do when you get bored in Singapore?

Ahmad Khaw, Photographer, Avid Traveler
Answered November 14, 2020

Everything is possible today, even getting bored in Singapore, one of the most entertaining destinations in the world. Thankfully, there is a cure for that, even if you think you exhausted all opportunities to have fun. After all, the Lion City features an attractive location in Southeast Asia, next to Malaysia.

Bubble Football


Thus, you’ll always know what to do when you get bored in Singapore, if you manage that at all.

How to Avoid Boredom in Singapore?

First of all, you can always hang out with expats for a different view of things around you. Or try partying and dancing throughout the night at the best Singapore night clubs and venues.

Before proceeding further, do check out some free and fun activities to enjoy in the Merlion City.  

For something less obvious, why wouldn’t you test your bubble soccer, archery, or prawn-eating skills?

Bubble Soccer

To begin with bubble soccer, put on an inflatable bubble, which multiplies your size. Then, steer clear of other players, both your and opposing team’s, to avoid bouncing away. In this game, the point is keeping ground under your feet, not the ball in your possession.

Archery Battle

Another boredom-free activity in the Lion City is Archery Battle. It is similar to Paintball, just instead of paintballs, you shoot foam arrows at your opponents. 

Having Prawns for Meal

Or how about eating prawns for lunch? Maybe you don’t see much fun in that, but things change when you have to catch some before eating. To do so, go to Punggol in northeast Singapore, and prepare these crustaceans on-site upon catching them. 

Other Top Monotony Free Activities in Singapore?

Sometimes, you need to be a little inventive to shake off boredom in the Merlion City. Let’s see how.

Go to Palau Ubin

Spending great outdoors on Palau Ubin Island brings you close to Mother Nature. There, discover one of the last traditional villages in the island nation and do some birdwatching. Last but not least, find a spot to experience the sunset in its full glory.

Spend a Day as a Farmer 

Did you know that farmers seldom get bored? Maybe you did, but I bet that you didn’t know that there are at least around a dozen farms in the Republic of Singapore. 

So, consider learning how to cultivate organic food, produce dairy products, or something like that. If you prefer to treat your taste buds instead, head to Kampung Food Village, introducing local specialties. 

Spend a Day in Johor Bahru, Malaysia 

If the Merlion City has become too small for you to deflate your boredom, why wouldn’t you jump to Johor Bahru in Malaysia? 

Albeit Singapore has awesome theme parks, the city-state doesn’t have Legoland, which you cannot say for its Malaysian neighbor. Moreover, visit Angry Birds Activity Park, and enjoy entertaining programs and rides.

Also, there are various landmarks you can treat your eyes with. Gurudwara Sahib, Bukit Serene Palace, and Church of the Immaculate Conception would be enough for a start. 


Also, keep yourself posted about the upcoming events taking place in Singapore for some boredom-free time. 

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