What are the best companies to work for in Singapore?

Kenny Chan, Studied at NTU
Answered November 04, 2020

Finding a job in Singapore is a goal many expats pursue. A strong economy, high living quality, and the city’s cosmopolitan character are some main reasons for that. 

Work atmosphere

Still, be cautious when choosing an area you wish to specialize in. Later, it will improve your chances of getting hired in the Lion City. Banking, gaming, Internet, tourism, and technology are among the most promising sectors for international workers. 

Now, let’s narrow it down to see what the best companies to work for in Singapore are based on the 2020 research. 

1.  Google – Singapore Number One Employer

Given that Google is traditionally at the top of the Best Employer list worldwide, this shouldn’t surprise you. This Internet giant’s employees like a relaxed working atmosphere, various incentives, and their superiors’ clear expectations.

Moreover, the company encourages its workers to be proactive and strive to improve themselves. And the best firm to work for in Singapore has imaginative ways to make them productive.

For example, a Google employee stated that they are free to bring pets to the workplace. Such a practice boosts their energy levels and grants a cheery atmosphere.

The Google employee rating is 4.5 out of 5.

2.  Facebook – Singapore Employer Number Two

Staff working for Facebook rates their company with 4.4. This social media colossus is employee-oriented, allowing its workers to maintain a work-life balance. And that tends to be hard to achieve in the Garden City.

Other key reasons why Facebook rates as the second-best employer in the city-state are:

  • Ambitious people with vision are likely to strive and advance
  • A pleasant working environment and the competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours and free snacks and drinks
  • Health insurance, strict Covid-19 guidelines, and maternity and paternity leaves

3.  Shell – The City State’s Third Top Company to Work for

With an average rate of 4.3 and over 100 years of history, Shell is another top-rated firm operating in Singapore. If you start to work for this oil and gas giant, this is what you can expect:

  • A relaxed relationship with your superiors
  • Transparency and openness in debates
  • A range of work benefits, bonuses, and incentives
  • Attractive compensation
  • A lot of opportunities to advance

Also, people working for Shell underline that their co-workers are pleasant and friendly.

4.  Amazon – Top Rated Internet and Technology Firm in Singapore

You will feel yourself at home working for Amazon (4.3) if you are imaginative, persistent, and supportive. Staff working for this company in Singapore speaks positively about the growth potential, friendliness of their colleagues, and virtually limitless opportunities.

As you guess, attractive compensations follow exceptional possibilities. Assuming you succeed in becoming a manager, your annual income may range from S$120,000 to S$200,000.

So, if you are ready to learn and work hard, Amazon Singapore is the right place for you.

5.  Microsoft – Best Hardware and Software Company

Working for Microsoft in the Lion City should be your aim if you excel in dynamic environments and teamwork. Plus, you will learn about technical stuff as much as you like.

What Are Other Most Employee Friendly Businesses?

As you can see, international corporations are the leading businesses to work for in the Merlion City. Visa (6th), AIA (7th), HubSpot (8th), J.P. Morgan (9th), and Hewlett-Packard (10th) are other most staff-friendly firms in Singapore.

However, searching for a job in the island nation is only the beginning. Also, you have to learn the structure of monthly costswhere to live in the Merlion City, and how to find suitable accommodation

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