Where can I enjoy Live Music from Singapore Local Bands?

Kenny Chan, Studied at NTU
Answered November 23, 2020

Few things compare to listening to excellent music in a setting with the right acoustics, do you agree? And nothing beats a tingling sensation in your back produced by proven musicians, right? If this sounds familiar, make plans to browse Singapore’s live music bars and nightclubs sooner rather than later.

Live Music Experience

To make a long story short, let’s see where you can enjoy live music from Singapore local bands that are sure to blow you away. 

Timbre X @ The Substation: Premium Live Music Venue

Timbre X @ The Substation is an open-air venue hosting some of the Lion City’s top local bands. So, if you are a pop/rock or punk fan, check out when the 53A band performs. Given that you prefer a bit of everything (rock, evergreen, and more), SuperSonic is the Singaporean band you are after. 

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes since these musicians will have you dancing in no time. Refuel yourself with Fish & Chips, a signature pizza, draught beer, or wine. 

Le Noir – Top Singaporean Local Bands’ and Musicians’ Hotspot

With music venues in Marina Bay Sands and Clarke Quay, Le Noir welcomes top Singapore’s and international bands and performers. 

For popular song adaptations, pay attention to Live Conclusions. If you are in a party mood, 10.seconds will get you on your feet before you know it. Finally, check out Daniel Sid, who is among Merlion City’s top solo artists with exceptional vocal capabilities. 

If excellent music makes you hungry, Le Noir has you covered with pizzas, chicken and beef dishes, and much else. Do sample their cocktails, as well. 

Cool Cats: Singapore’s Best Live Jazz Bar

Cool Cats welcomes local Jazz and Rhythm & Blues (R&B) artists in a 20th-century prohibition-era setting. Local musicians are regular performers at Cool Cats, making it one of the best live music venues to get a taste of the Singapore Jazz scene. 

Regarding drinks, you’ll have quite an extensive menu to choose from. Signature cocktails (Boogie Woogie, Lady Ella, and Mr. Jerez among others) and classics encompassing wines, Champagne, and beers are alternatives. As for dining, better fill your belly before arriving since their drink menu is much more impressive than the food menu. 

Hard Rock Cafe: A Leading Music and Entertainment Venue in Singapore

The Singapore Hard Rock Cafe is another place you want to visit to listen to first-class local musicians. Also, you won’t be hungry or thirsty during a musical spectacle since their food and drink selection is enormous. 

As for Singapore local bands performing here, make sure to show up when Tabula and Jive Talkin‘ play. While Tabula plays a wide range of musical genres, Jive Talkin’ entertains Singaporeans for nearly three decades now. 

Wala Wala Cafe Bar – The Live Music’s Second Name

Another place you should check out for live-music entertainment is Wala Wala. Hosting up-and-coming and proven local bands and professionals, such as Tabula, the music bar caters to early-risers since performances start in the early evening. Besides listening to live music, treat yourself to a wide selection of beers and tasty specialties.


When it comes to the Merlion City’s nightlife, venues staging live music from Singapore local bands are places only to begin with. Also, leave room in your schedule to dance at nightclubs and salsa clubs and have fun with family and friends

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