What is the best and cheapest pet insurance plan in Singapore?

Kenny Chan, Studied at NTU
Answered November 12, 2020

Pet owners take their furry friends’ care seriously, that’s for sure. First, find pet shops selling the best food, then take a cat or a dog to a vet, and so on. Sooner or later, we need to make things simpler, which is why buying indemnity coverage for our barking and meowing friends comes in handy. 

Playful cat and dog

Therefore, let’s determine what the best and cheapest pet insurance plan in Singapore is. 

Which Pets Can You Insure in Singapore?

For now, only dogs and cats enjoy pet status when it comes to insurance. Aside from canines and felines, purchasing health coverage for other animals isn’t an option. So, horses, iguanas, parrots, and snakes aren’t part of the deal. 

What to Look for When Insuring Cats and Dogs?

First of all, determine whether your four-legged friend is eligible for coverage (Age Eligibility). Current plans start between eight weeks and three months of age, ending when your pet turns seven or nine years. So, if your dog or cat is getting old, insure him/her as soon as possible.

Next, pay attention to the coverage period. Animals insured with the best indemnity policy benefit from lifetime cover. Others may enjoy this convenience until they turn eight or 13 years. 

Also, check out the co-insurance policy. It determines your participation in the cost upon making a claim. Typically, this amount is between 20% and 50%, depending on the pet insurance plan and the cat’s or dog’s age. 

Finally, learn whether a deductible is in the game, especially if you have a naughty darling. This factor indicates the money amount the insurer deducts from the damage your canine or feline caused. For example, if the total damage is S$1,000, and the deductible is S$200, you will receive S$800.

How to Determine the Best and Cheapest Singapore Pet Insurance Plan?

As you guess, this depends on various factors. But, since you ask, I would opt for the pet indemnity including the best coverage period and price ratio. 

For example, if your pet’s life expectancy is between 10 and 15 years, then CIMB My Paw Pal should be OK for them. This pet insurance plan won’t break a bank but may exclude certain dog illnesses. As for cats, the insurer compensates no more than 70% of medical costs. 

With this pet cover plan, you are entitled to reimbursement if your best friend suffers an accidental injury or, god forbid, death by accident.

AON Happy Tails is the best indemnity plan for Singapore pets that live over 13 years. The annual price will set you back nearly S$300, but your Rex or Kitty gets lifetime insurance. Just note that AON Happy Tails doesn’t cover accidents. 

Some extra pros this insurer offers to owners of older animals are:

  • Visits to licensed Singapore’s vets and specialists
  • Hereditary conditions cover if you purchase a plan before your four-legged family member turns six years

Are There Other Pet Insurance Plans Available in Singapore?

Liberty Insurance and AIA Paw Safe are other pet insurers in the Lion City.

Liberty Insurance is the priciest, and one of its benefits is third-party liability, in case your animal causes damage to someone else. Note, though, that their insurance plan lasts until Kitty or Rex turns 13. 

AIA Paw Safe specializes in dogs, so look for a feline indemnity coverage elsewhere. In short, you should opt for this option only if your canine’s life expectancy is less than ten years.  


If you look for a new pet, check out the Pet Expo in the Garden City. And, if you already have one (or two) but don’t have much time to buy food, order dog and cat food online

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