Is there a legal Red Light District in Singapore?

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Answered November 25, 2020

There are a few places in Singapore people seeking the world’s oldest entertainment visit. First is Geylang, a neighborhood sidelined from tourist areas, where you will find sex professionals and excellent food. The other ones are Orchard Towers, located on Orchard Road, the city-state’s famous shopping district, and Brix Bar. 

Lady of the Night

Speaking of the legal Red Light District in Singapore, Geylang, located between Kampong Glam and Changi Airport, is the one. 

Is Visiting Singapore’s Red Light District Safe?

If you ask whether getting around in the Lion City’s Sin City is safe, have no worries. Many locals consider this quarter a shady one, but safety is paramount in the well-regulated island nation. In simple words, you are perfectly safe both day and night

As one expat gave an area overview, street fights involve people who drank too much for the most part. So, fear not that triads will mark you out. 

When it comes to having fun in the Merlion City’s Red Light District, risks are reduced to a minimum. Geylang’s brothels are legal and sex workers conduct health checks. To do the business, prostitutes need to possess a card proving they don’t suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. 

What Is the Service Price in Singapore’s Official Sex Industry District?

Ladies of the night working in Geylang charge as low as around S$40 for half an hour of their time. But, if you are a bit picky, you may need to cash up to S$100, even more, if the sex worker is particularly attractive. The “quick service” fee starts at S$10.

The vast majority of prostitutes working and freelancing in the city-state’s Sin City are young, between 18 and 30 years of age.

Other Things to Know About Geylang and its Sex Trade

While brothels in Singapore’s sex trade center are legal, you can’t say the same about some other things. Thus, have in mind the following:

  • Soliciting sex services on the street or in public is illegal in the Garden City.
  • Sleeping with a minor, knowingly or not, is a legal offense.
  • You will likely see stalls selling a variety of supposed aphrodisiacs when getting around in Geylang. Before jumping into bed with a licensed prostitute, however, better search elsewhere since dispersing sex boosters this way is a transgression in Singapore for a reason.
  • Staring won’t put you on a collision path with the law. However, pay attention to the surroundings since you may get wet from the water gun “fire” in no time.

A Few Words About Orchard Towers and Brix Bar Prostitution Scenes

Orchard Towers is a favorite gathering spot for an international clientele. To lay down with a foreign girl in Orchard Towers, plan S$50 and over for a night. Note that the sex trade is available from around mid-evening here.

As for Brix Bar, you can choose among ladies of the night from various meridians for a bunch of cash. A night with some of these pretties may set you back from a few hundred S$ to around S$1,000. Top that with the S$30 entry fee that comes with a free drink.


After visiting Geylang, the legal Red Light District in Singapore, Orchard Towers, or Brix Bar, you may wish to discover the true nature of Singaporean ladies. If so, you have a lot to look forward to.

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