What are the best private universities in Singapore?

Ahmad Khaw, Photographer, Avid Traveler
Answered November 05, 2020

Studying in Singapore provides many benefits to students. First-class institutions, degrees accepted worldwide, and lower costs compared to many international faculties are some. Besides government-funded, you can choose among many fine private colleges.

Nayang Univesity, Singapore

But, if you wish to apply only for the finest, let’s see what the best private universities in Singapore are. Before we get to that, see if you are eligible for the tuition grant, which significantly lowers the study price.

1.  Kaplan Singapore – Best All Round, Privately Owned University

Kaplan offers a wide range of courses covering finance, business, and computer science industries. What’s more, the possibility of employment after graduating from this university is almost 85%. 

For these and other reasons, Kaplan won the Best Private Education Institute award for three consecutive years (2016-2018). Also, it partners with over 40 higher education establishments throughout the world, including the University of South Australia and the University of Essex

While studying here, you benefit from employment guidance from their Career Development. 

2.  MDIS – Best Singapore Business Institute

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) partnered with Sunderland and Bangor universities. The latter was among the top 15 institutions for banking research in 2013. 

MDIS prepares its initiates to become successful managers in business and many other sectors. Tourism, Life Sciences, Design, Fashion, and Engineering are among those. 

What’s even better, you are 80% likely to land a job once you acquire a degree. Finally, you can additionally improve your chances by consulting with their Career Assistance Unit. 

3.  PSB – Multi Awarded Academy

PSB Academy students master business skills, such as accountancy, entrepreneurship, and finances. Moreover, this higher education school offers specialization in other areas, including languages and sports and life sciences.

Once you graduate from the PSB, your employment likelihood is from 60% to 80%.

Speaking of awards and accolades, “The Future Academy” recently won:

  • Best Educational Institute in Singapore for 2019
  • Two SBN National Business Awards in 2017 and 2018
  • Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, Sciences & Hospitality, and Languages Winner in 2019
  • EC-Council Academia Best New Comer Award in 2018 and
  • Provider of Largest MBA Programmes Award in 2018

4.  SIM – Master Skills in Demand in Singapore

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is another of the leading educational institutions and private universities in the Garden City. Some of its partners are London, Birmingham, RMIT, and Buffalo universities.

Note that tuition fees for SIM’s students are among the highest. However, the high employability ranging between 80% and 85% is worth the cost.

Courses you can attend at this renowned university in the Merlion City relate to finances and social programs.

5.  NAFA – Prestigious Fine Arts Academy

If you have an artistic spirit, then the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts should be among your shortlisted options for studying in Singapore.

Besides fine arts, you can study music at NAFA.

Aside from the Tuition Grant Scheme, students pursuing a degree here may be eligible for Dare to Dream, Higher Education Bursary, and many other scholarships and schemes.

The overall employment rate is almost 80% for Visual and Applied Arts graduates. As a Performing Arts degree holder, your chances to get hired are even higher – nearly 90%.


Finished students from the best private universities in Singapore have higher chances of finding a job in the city-state than their international peers.

Do you strive to live and work in one of the most progressive republics in the world? Then, find out what the best companies to work for are and what the average cost of living in Singapore is.

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