How do I claim my GST refund at Singapore Changi Airport?

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Answered November 23, 2020

Before anything else, check first if you satisfy the following conditions for claiming a GST refund:

  1. You are a tourist in Singapore;
  2. You are above 16 years old;
  3. You spent a minimum of S$100 worth of eligible goods; and
  4. You are departing with your purchased goods within 2 months from the date of purchase.

Take note that the following goods are not eligible for GST refund:

  • Goods wholly or partly consumed in Singapore;
  • Goods exported for business or commercial purposes;
  • Goods that will be exported by freight; and
  • Accommodation in a hotel, hostel, boarding house, or similar establishments.

Claiming your GST refund at Changi Airport is quick and easy, thanks to the eTRS system. The eTRS connects multiple Central Refund Agencies and retailers on a single platform, providing tourists with a hassle-free experience when shopping and claiming GST refunds before leaving Singapore. If you plan to claim your GST refund at Changi Airport, make sure that you arrive at the airport early to allow ample time for you to go through the refund process. Here is a helpful step-by-step guide for you to follow.

  1. For check-in goods, proceed first to the designated GST refund section at the Departure Check-in Hall, before Departure Immigration. For carry-on items, apply for your GST refund at the Departure Transit Lounge, after immigration clearance.
  2. Use the eTRS self-help kiosk to apply for your GST. At the kiosk, you need to do the following:
  • Scan your passport;
  • Declare your eligibility and acceptance of the TRS conditions;
  • Verify and select your purchases that are eligible for GST refund;
  • Select your refund options (Credit card, Alipay, or cash);
  • Check the status of your refund request, if Approved or Not Approved, as shown on the kiosk screen.

If your refund is Not Approved, proceed to the Customs Inspection counter and present the following:

      • Your purchased goods;
      • Original invoices/receipts; and
      • Boarding pass or confirmed air ticket.

If your refund is approved, you may claim your refund as follows:

    • For cash refund, go to the GST Cash Refund counter at the Departure Transit area, after immigration, and present your passport.
    • For credit card refund, the approved refund amount will be automatically paid to your specified credit card within 10 days.
    • For refunds via Alipay, the refund will be paid immediately to your Alipay account.

For more information about claiming your GST refund at Changi Airport, you may visit Changi Airport’s official website.

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