How do people celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore?

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Answered December 02, 2020

With Chinese people counting around 3/4 of the entire populace, Singapore is an attractive destination for celebrating the Lunar New Year. During this time, Chinatown visitors attend street performances, shop till they drop at bazaars, and more. Also, main festivities take place around Marina Bay Sands and nearby Esplanade Waterfront Promenade. 

A fireworks spectacle in Singapore

Since we have located focal points, let’s see now how people celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore. 

When Does Chinese New Year Take Place?

Also known as the Spring Festival (Chunjie), the Chinese New Year may occur anytime between January 21 and February 20. Also, the exact date changes every year, and happens on the following days in the next years:

  • 2021 – February 12
  • 2022 – February 1
  • 2023 – January 22
  • 2024 – February 10

Chinese New Year Atmosphere in Singapore: What Is it Like?

In short, the atmosphere during the Lunar New Year celebrations in the Lion City is contagious. That is among the main reasons why the Malays, Indians, and other Singaporean minorities readily join the festivities.

And small wonder since fire-eaters, lion and dragon dancers, and other performers in curious costumes heat the mood in no time. Add colorful decoration, mouth-watering treats, and the ongoing party, and there is nothing else you need to enjoy yourself to the maximum.

What to Do During the Spring Festival in Singapore?

Mingle with the majority of celebrants in the Merlion City’s Chinatown. There, browse the stalls for attractive shopping, admire lanterns and other street decorations, and catch a performance here and there. And, leave a lot of time to do so since shows take place both day and night.

Also, don’t miss the fireworks and firecracker displays. Ensure a spot to watch parades featuring giant floats, cheerful music, and magic shows. Finally, grab coconut cookies, meat from the barbecue, and pineapple tarts.

Singaporean Chunjie Hotspots and Related Activities

  • A highlight of Singaporean Chunjie is Chingay, combining terms you can translate something like “true art” and “miniature stage.” It is the Spring Festival’s pinnacle, featuring international performers from China, Denmark, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. The grand parade starts at the Formula One Pit Building, next to the Marina Bay Waterfront in downtown Singapore.
  • Chinatown is the focal point of the Chinese New Year Countdown party taking place during the old year’s final hours. So, get your bearings to Eu Tong Sen Street or New Bridge Road at 9 pm or later.
  • To watch international and Chinese performers, attend night-time shows around Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. There, you will see martial arts experts, let traditional dragon and iconic lion dancers amaze you, and listen to opera plays.
  • If you wonder where to go for some Lunar New Year shopping in the Garden City, you will find stalls in various Chinatown streets. Chunjie Bazaar lasts for hours during the evening, encompassing Pagoda, Smith, and Trengganu streets among others. Some commodities you should particularly look for are handicrafts for artists, floral arrangements for gardeners, and waxed duck for gourmands.


Given that you are fond of festivities and good entertainment, there is a lot for you to look forward to in the Little Red Dot. Besides celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore, you may wish to come during Christmastime for another big spectacle. 

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