What are unique things we can only get in Singapore?

Sarah Ong, Works at HSBC Singapore
Answered November 20, 2020

If you are a visiting traveler who is looking for unique things to bring home to your family and friends, the following items are popular souvenirs from Singapore that might be hard to find in your home country. These products are distinctly Singaporean and will remind you of your visit long after you have left.

Singaporean Meal Kits

Can’t get enough of Singaporean cuisine? Fret not! You can cook your own Singaporean dishes with a little help from ready-to-cook meal kits. There are many varieties to choose from like chili crab, Hainanese chicken, and laksa. You can also go for the packets of sambal sauce that come in varying degrees of spiciness. You can buy these meal kits at most supermarkets, grocery stores, and souvenir shops. My friends always buy their loot at Mustafa Centre.


This is another distinct Singaporean item that my visiting friends always hoard before going home. Kaya is a jam made of coconut milk, eggs, and sugar. Some versions have added pandan leaves that contribute to its mouthwatering aroma. Spread it with butter on your toast, add poached eggs on the side and pair with your favorite coffee to bring back the memories of lazy Sundays at the kopitiams of Singapore. Ya Kun Kaya Toast sells their own halal-certified kaya in jars. Just drop in any of their 40 branches around the city to get your stash.

Merlion-themed souvenirs

What else can be more uniquely Singapore than the iconic merlion? You can find it printed in practically everything that you see in a Singaporean souvenir shop! You can buy merlion-themed key chains, ref magnets, can openers, t-shirts, bags, coin purses, coffee mugs, water bottles, ashtrays, coasters, and many more. There are also merlion-shaped chocolates, cookies, and candies!

Singapore tea

If you are a tea lover like myself or have tea-loving friends back home, you might want to bring some of Singapore’s best tea brands. Aside from the world-famous TWG, Singapore has a host of other local brands that sell Chinese tea, artisanal tea, and unique tea flavors like pandan chiffon tea and nasi lemak. There are also affordable Singapore-themed tea products that are specially intended as souvenirs. 

Orchid-scented perfumes and fragrances

Orchid is the national flower of Singapore so anything orchid-scented is a unique reminder of your visit to the Garden City. The aptly-named Singapore Memories sells orchid-scented perfumes and fragrances using native as well as therapeutic orchid varieties. The brand also sells heritage perfumes that bring back memories of Singapore’s past. You can buy Singapore Memories products at various retail stores in the city and at Changi Airport.

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