Who are the most popular YouTubers in Singapore?

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Answered November 04, 2020

Singapore is a treasure trove for high-class YouTubers production. Whether your interests relate to beauty, traveling, entertainment, or something else, check out Singaporeans uploading their witty ideas to YouTube. 

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Now, you may be asking yourself who the most popular YouTubers in Singapore are. In the following, you’ll find some who keep their audiences glued to their videos. 

Wah!Banana – Best Singaporean YouTube Entertainers and Channel

To have some fun, stop by the Wah!Banana YouTube channel. You can call these guys nuts, but that won’t prevent you from having a great time while watching their videos. That’s why they top almost every list comparing the best channels from the Lion City. 

Note that sexual connotations and indecency tend to be part of their repertoire. So, consider keeping your children occupied with something else on this video-sharing platform. 

Dee Kosh – Top Notch Singapore Host

If you prefer entertainment that doesn’t include “juicy” additions, Dee Kosh should be your ideal solution. Although he rates himself as “the most annoying person in Singapore,” his army of followers and subscribers on this social network finds this hard to believe in. 

Even world-class performers, such as the pop group Pentatonix, don’t mind being his guests. For quick entertainment, though, watch the “Singapore Style” YouTube video, a parody of Gangnam Style, which has millions of views. 

Brenda Tan – YouTube Beauty and Lifestyle Host

To get tips on something more permanent than a smile on your face, follow Brenda Tan for lifestyle and makeup insights. Brenda’s sincerity and relaxed approach will instantly win you over. Moreover, you won’t wait long for her to post a new video or tutorial. 

Even if you second-guess your cosmetic-surgery intentions, you may find this YouTuber’s advice invaluable. Also, you should hear what this charming young lady has to say about online dating and the workout routine

Bongqiuqiu – A Video Sharing Address for Families

Bongqiuqiu shares her motherhood experiences for everyone needing a little help with raising small children. Given that you juggle three kids at once, you’ll find her YouTube videos particularly useful. 

Of course, every mom needs some time for herself, do you agree? So, you may learn how to do a quick makeup if yours isn’t long. If it is, watch some of Bongqiuqiu’s 30- or 50-minute recordings. 

JianHao Tan – Top YouTube Personality for 2015

Although young, JianHao Tan is among the most iconic Garden City’s YouTubers for several years now. Comedy, traveling, and computer games are some of his areas of expertise. Furthermore, he is a charity activist pointing out the poverty problem in the Southeast Asia region. 

It’s activism that promoted JianHao into the Top YouTube Personality at the Influence Asia Awards in 2015. If you aspire to become a YouTube contributor, watch videos in which JianHao Tan shares his life story. 

Other Famous YouTube Contributors from Singapore

Our list of the most popular Singapore YouTubers is far from complete. Based on your interests, you may like to follow these guys:

  • Multi-awarded Xiaxue for life tips and travel destinations
  • Dominic Chin for music
  • Yankaykay for learning various useful things and skills, such as how to become a first-class pole dance entertainer
  • Peggi Neo for gastronomy insights
  • Hirzi for catching up with the Merlion City’s actualities in a funny way
  • For a bit of everything, subscribe to the Night Owl Cinematics YouTube channel

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