What can I do on a layover in Singapore?

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Answered October 28, 2020

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), rated as one of the world’s top airports, is the island nation’s main gateway. Thus, it is a likely entry point into Merlion City for most travelers. And both offer many engaging opportunities for a stopover.

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Depending on the time you have, let’s see what you can do on a layover in Singapore.

Things to Do on a Short Singapore Airport Layover

If you have up to three hours before a connecting flight, remaining around is probably the best option. Albeit transfer times to the downtown area (Marina Bay) by public transport aren’t long, you can spend a lot more quality time by staying put.

  • Admiring works of art in Crystal Garden and Birds in Flight sections at Terminal 3 (T3) is popular among art lovers.
  • Naturalists should visit Cactus Garden (T1), Butterfly Garden (T3), and Shiseido Forest Valley.
  • Entertainment seekers will enjoy Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, and sliding down the world’s tallest airport slide.
  • To learn about Singapore and the airport during your layover, visit Heritage Zone (T4) or Changi Experience Studio.

Also, attending shows at theatres, shopping, and dining are among other alternatives.

How Can I Spend an Intermediate Changi Airport Stopover?

With four or more hours before your next flight, you can go to Garden City and have a quick tour. Transfer times vary depending on the transport.

To get to the city by combining MRT lines, plan between 40 minutes and an hour. A taxi ride to downtown should take half that.

Once you arrive, take a free tour of Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay or ride the Singapore Flyer. Also, walk to Merlion Park across the bay to take a photo of the city’s mascot, a half-lion, half-fish creature.

If you are around during the evening, attend the Spectra show at Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk.

Since the Lion City’s international airport is one of a kind, you may prefer to explore it. Besides on-site attractions, consider taking a short Changi Point Coastal Walk.

What to Do During a Long Break Between Flights?

With eight or more hours before the next flight, you can explore Singapore on a guided tour or visit a few top attractions.

For starters, visit glasshouses at Gardens by the Bay or enjoy a walk in Singapore Botanic Gardens. Given that shopping is your middle name, head to Orchard Road, one of the top commercial zones in Southeast Asia.

Chinatown, Little India, and the Muslim Quarter are top sightseeing districts of Merlion City. For the best experience, join guided tours from the airport.

Things to Know About Singapore Layover

  • Assuming you have a long break, you may leave and return to the airport only once during your waiting time. Thus, plan your sightseeing accordingly.
  • You can leave your luggage at storage facilities available at each airport’s terminal.
  • Exchange the foreign currency from offices featuring the “Licensed Money Changer” sign.
  • Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) are acceptable payment methods throughout the metropolis.
  • In case you continue your journey the next day, find out which Garden City’s areas are best for travelers to stay in. 
  • The city-state is among the world’s safest destinations. Even solo female travelers are as safe at night as during broad daylight. 

      Singapore International Airport is among the world’s biggest airline hubs. Besides national airlines, carriers of many low-cost companies fly to the island nation

      Even if Lion City isn’t your final destination, stopping by for a layover should be among your trip’s highlights.

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