Where do expats hang out in Singapore?

Ahmad Khaw, Photographer, Avid Traveler
Answered October 14, 2020

So, you decided to move to the Republic of Singapore. And, you wish to know where you can rub shoulders with other foreigners. Such places are ubiquitous in the Merlion City, whether you seek entertainment, good food, or else. 

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Now, let’s dive in and see where do expats hang out in Singapore and why. 

Expat Hangout No. 1 in Singapore: Robertson Quay

Robertson Quay, alongside the Clarke Quay, is a centrally-located neighborhood popular among emigrants. Accordingly, it teems with bars, restaurants, and clubs catering to them. 

  • Boomarang Bistro & Bar is usually open from sunrise to just before sunrise. Stop by any time you are hungry, wish to sip an Australian wine, or watch sports. Note: At present, popular Booma closes at 10:30 pm due to the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Super Loco lets its staff sleep longer, to 11:30 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends. But, if you like Mexican food for lunch or dinner, this is the place for you. BTW, they serve Margaritas and other drinks you can have with friends and new acquaintances. 

Emigrant Hangout No. 2 in the Lion City: Orchard Road

The area around the commercial Orchard Road is another hot spot for foreign nationals in Singapore. And some favorite venues for expatriates to hang out here are:

  • The American Club is an all-in-one kind of place. It has a restaurant serving American dishes, a children’s playground, a library, a gym, and more. Plus, you don’t need to be from the USA to gain access.
  • Located in Mandarin GalleryWild Honey is where you should seek out new friends over a savory bite or coffee. Whether you are a fan of Greek, American, Turkish, English, or some other cuisine, your favorite meal may await you there.

Expatriate Area No. 3: Holland Village

Holland Village teems with bars, restaurants, and nightlife facilities visited by the Singaporeans of foreign origins. The focal point of many is Lorong Liput during weekends. Then, the road closure takes place, which cafes and eateries exploit by expanding their seatings. 

Some top places of this neighborhood for residents coming from abroad are:

  • Baker & Cook is a bakery where expats like to socialize over a cup of coffee. Opening hours are typically from 7:30 am to 8 pm. So, you can take fresh pastries home for breakfast or dinner, or opt for a brunch.
  • Wala Wala Cafe Bar has imaginative and standard dishes, such as Pizza Hawaiian and Fish & Chips, on offer. If you like Australian wines, to taste local cocktails, or meet someone from your native country, Wala Wala could be your preferred hangout. The cafe bar operates from 3 pm (1 pm from Friday to Sunday) to 10:30 pm during Covid-19 times.

Woodlands: the Northern Suburb of the Merlion City

The district faces Johor Bahru in Malaysia across the Johore Strait. And, it is an up-and-coming area liked by American nationals coming to the Little Red Dot. 

The Central Business District of the city-state is a bit away from here. But, you may get there in around 40 minutes by car (yes, expats can buy cars here), or within an hour by public transport. 

In Woodlands, emigrants like to congregate at cafes and restaurants located around Causeway Point and at Marsiling Lane Food Center. 

Other Gathering Points for Non-Native Singaporeans

Non-native communities of the Lion City also live in Tiong Bahru, Tanglin, Bukit Timah, and Katong, among other neighborhoods. As you can see, finding and connecting with foreigners is a piece of cake in Garden City. 

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