Who is the best real estate agency in Singapore?

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Answered October 15, 2020

Singapore is a bustling metropolis often rated as one of the best places to live in the world. The influx of expats, low unemployment, and high living standard are some indicators of its growing economy. However, the housing market of the island nation rises slowly, even stagnates at times. 

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Thus, finding a home or office may present a bit of a challenge here. To ease your worries, we have created a guide on how to search for a property. Also, you will find our selection of the best real estate agencies in Singapore.  

How to Choose a Real Estate Agency in Singapore?

Many property companies are operating in Lion City. Before you hire one to find you a personal or business space, perform the following checks:

  • Make sure that the agency has the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) registration. Registered brokers are very likely to possess extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Garden City and a high level of professionalism. 
  • Check out how long they run the business and refer to online reviews. 
  • Learn whether the company you consider won awards or accolades in the past.  
  • Determine does the intermediary work with buyers, sellers, or both. If they lack experience in the type of transaction you are after, better search elsewhere. 

What to Do Once I Shortlist Property Agencies?

To ensure that you chose the right housing company or agent to represent your interests, stick to the following guidelines:

  • Examine the business’s portfolio to get a laser-focused insight into related expertise. If it matches your needs, ask for a consultant who handled the transaction type that interests you.
  • Find out whether the realtor works full-time or part-time. Merlion City’s housing market requires a full commitment of professionals working in the industry. So, less-experienced people likely lack relevant knowledge.
  • Furthermore, learn what the salesperson’s commission rates are. These tend to vary based on various factors. For sale, a few percent commission is generally considered fair. 

Some other tips include asking for a referral from your Singaporean friends and acquaintances and doing homework about the specific market. 

Top Rated Real Estate Companies in Singapore

Now, let’s examine what the top-rated real estate agencies in the island nation are. 

  1. RA Realty Network Private Limited operates since 1982. So far, the agency has served around 50,000 satisfied customers. It has subsidiaries abroad and is a winner of Trusted Brands Gold (2008) and Top Brand (2017) awards. ERA employs thousands of realtors, so it is a safe bet that you’ll find the one for you. 
  2. Coventry & Seah offers buying, selling, and rental services. This property agency is in the business for about 15 years and its brokers are top-notch. Thus, Coventry & Seah is among the leading housing companies in the Little Red Dot.
  3. Huttons Asia is next in line of the most prominent companies helping people find a home. They also specialize in commercial and industrial places. Huttons Asia is present in the market since 2002 and employs a few thousand consultants.
  4. Savills Singapore is a branch of an internationally-acclaimed intermediary established over 150 years ago. It is a winner of various awards recently, including Residential Consultancy Practice (2018) and No. 1 Real Estate Superbrand (2018). It excels in industrial and commercial leasing, in particular.

Also, check out Mindlink Groups, SLP International, and Navis Living Group, among other real estate agencies.


Besides the locals, foreigners can buy a property in Garden City, as well. Assuming that you are among them, take a look at recommended house movers and security services, too. 

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