What are the things tourists should not do in Singapore?

Alyssa Low, A food and travel enthusiast
Answered May 08, 2019

Singapore has a reputation of being strict with its laws. Here are a few very important things to keep in mind to avoid paying a hefty fine or serving prison time while in Singapore.

  1. Don’t litter. This is a common practice that everybody should follow anywhere around the world especially when traveling to other countries. In Singapore, there are strict laws when it comes to public tidiness. The fine could go up to S$1,000 plus community service if you are caught dropping your trash or spitting on the street.
  2. Don’t chew gum. It is illegal to buy or import gum in Singapore. And if you can’t buy it, you can’t chew it. If you are caught chewing gum and dropping it on the street, you will be fined S$500. However, those with prescription for medical gum are exempted from this law.
  3. Don’t drink or eat on the MRT. Aside from littering and chewing gum, Rapid Transit Systems Regulations also prohibits the consumption of food and drinks anywhere within the railway premises. Singaporeans do not like it if you spill your food or drink on the train or on a fellow passenger. You will be fined S$500 if you get caught.
  4. Don’t smoke in public. A lot of countries have strict anti-smoking laws and Singapore is definitely one of them. You can smoke only at the designated areas which are usually marked with yellow paint and isolated from the public. Offenders will be fined up to S$1,000.
  5. Don’t connect to unsecured Wifi. This is a crime in Singapore under the Computer Misuse Act. One teenager was sentenced to three years in prison for connecting to his neighbor’s network without permission. So, if you’re too eager to post your latest travel selfie on your Instagram, find a secure network and use the password.

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