Where to buy Ez-link cards in Singapore?

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Emily Lim, Beauty salon owner
Answered August 25, 2017

The ez-link card is sold in a variety of island wide locations. You can easily purchase a card at any of these sales points:

  • 40 TransitLink Ticket Offices and 8 Concession Card Replacement Offices located at MRT stations and bus interchanges.
  • Passenger Service Centres within most MRT stations.
  • 7-Eleven stores
  • Buzz Pods
  • My EZ-Link Online Shop

If you just arrived to Changi airport and need a card to get onto the MRT, you can purchase one to use at the station in the terminal.

If you are going to take the taxi to your accommodation but need the ez-link for transport during your stay, I suggest you find the closest convenience store to your hotel and get one there! Using this card is an extremely convenient way to get around the city, without worrying about cash!

Ez-link cards cost $12 at the ticket offices and stations. With this card, you will have $7 preloaded on the card. At 7-Eleven stores, you can purchase the card for $10, therefore you will have $5 preloaded on the card. This is because the card itself costs $5, and the rest is added to your card as credit.

Kenny Chan, Studied at NTU
Answered October 19, 2020

EZ-link is a contactless, pre-paid card you can use to pay for transport and other services in Singapore. Alongside Singapore Tourist Pass, it is popular among travelers visiting the city-state. You’ll also see many Singaporeans using it.

Singapore Public Transport Train

To learn where to buy the EZ-link card in Singapore and how to use it, please continue reading.

What Can I Use the EZ-link Card for in Singapore?

While primarily used for getting around in the island nation, the smart card serves many other purposes, too. Use the pass as the payment method for Mass Rapid Transit’s (MRT) and Light Rapid Transit’s (LRT) trains, buses, and taxis.

Furthermore, you can pay for parking, shop and dine at partner stores and restaurants, practice at a gym, and more.

Who Sells the Contactless EZ-link Card?

Various retailers have the pre-paid multi-purpose card on offer. 

Assuming that you come to Lion City via Changi Airport, buy the card at the airport MRT subway station. You can find it at the basement level of Terminal 2. 

Once you get to the metropolis, your options expand. For starters, sellers are located at most MRT stations throughout the city-state. 

Next, you can purchase the contactless pass from around 40 TransitLink points of sale. TransitLink’s Concession Card Replacement Offices sell the smart card, as well. You can find those at MRT and bus stations. 

Finally, 7-Eleven stores, available throughout Garden City, also offer this flexible pass. 

What Is the Pass’s Price?

The initial EZ-link pass’s price is S$10 or S$12, depending on where you purchase. 

Note that the card’s cost is S$5 either way, and this amount is non-refundable. The only difference is the pre-paid credit you’ll get with it.

In most cases, the EZ-link pass will cost you S$12. Only 7-Eleven stores offer it for S$10. Therefore, the stored value you will receive is either S$7 or S$5. 

To estimate how much you would need for the Singapore public transport services, check out the Land Transport Authority’s fare calculator

How Can I Use the Smart Card?

To use the EZ-link city pass, tap the card on the reader on the train or bus. Once you do so, the reader will deduct the fare’s price from the stored amount.

Note that you should have at least the S$3 credit before entering the Singapore public transport system.

When the pre-paid sum drops below S$5, you’ll see the reader flashing amber and green. If it flashes red, you need to replenish the amount because of insufficient funds for a ride. In this case, pay in cash.

As for other uses, watch for the EZ-link logo at the venue you wish to visit.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay the Public Transport Fare in Singapore?

As you probably guess, fare evasion is an offense in well-regulated Merlion City. Thus, the fine applies if the authorized personnel find you using the city-state’s public transport for free. 

The penalty for such a practice is S$50. It applies whether you forget to tap the card on the reader, have insufficient credit, or for any other reason. 

Most fares don’t go over S$1.5, which is the price of the MRT ride from Changi Airport to downtown Singapore


If you come to Garden City as a tourist, compare Singapore Tourist Pass and EZ-link Card to see which one suits you better. 

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