Which insurer is best for car insurance in Singapore?

Darren Ng, Studied at NTU
Answered October 20, 2020

When it comes to car insurance, Singapore drivers have many available options. Island nation’s companies insuring four-wheelers offer plans that differ based on various factors. Some of them suit new and inexperienced drivers, while families and road sharks prefer others.

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To shorten a long story, let’s see which insurer is best for which type of car insurance in Singapore and why.

How to Choose Ideal Car Insurance in Singapore?

Singapore has efficient public transport taking commuters to every corner of the city-state. However, being without a driving license is the same as being illiterate today.

Once you get the right to drive a four-wheeler, one of the next steps is choosing an insurance company offering the plan fit for you. And these are some questions you need to answer first:

  • Which type of car insurance should I take? The three most common types in Merlion City are Comprehensive, Third-party Only, and Third-party, Theft and Fire policies. Note that the last one covers both you and third parties.
  • What should the policy cover? Personal and Passenger accident coverages, vehicle damage, and medical costs are among the most important things to have in mind. Assuming that you are an inexperienced driver, pay attention to the YIDR Excess amount.
  • What is YIDR? The abbreviation stands for Young and Inexperienced Driver. If you have just passed a driving test, you fall into this category. In this case, the lower driver’s age or the license’s validity limit is, the better.
  • What’s the price of the policy? The annual cost of car coverage depends on various factors. The type of the vehicle, driver’s age, and years of driving experience are some. To get quotes, refer to the Insurance Market website.
  • Does the insurance cover me when driving in Malaysia? Some insurers offer plans covering accidents in Malaysia, even Thailand. Others don’t allow such a “luxury.”

For further tips, take a look at the “How to choose car insurance in Singapore” article.

5 Top Rated Car Insurance Companies in Singapore

Now, let’s dive in and see which automobile insurer in Merlion City is right for you.

  1. Etiqa maybe isn’t the most affordable insurance company for your four-wheeler. But, it offers ongoing promotions, great plans, and is considered suitable for both young and single drivers. Etiqa has around 25 authorized car workshops throughout Garden City.
  2. FWD is another leading vehicle insurance provider in the island nation. It mainly caters to families and those tolerating seeing other automobiles ahead of them on the road. FWD covers you if something goes wrong while driving in peninsular Malaysia and Thailand.
  3. Aviva stands out as an insurer that has the most favorable No Claims Discount (NCD) fee. While most other companies reduce NCD a few dozen percent for participation in accidents, Aviva cuts only 10% with the Standard package. Also, their road emergency assistance is top-notch.
  4. If you don’t fancy becoming a race driver and have limited funds, Budget Direct Insurance may be the right automobile insurance company for you. Their plans are especially popular among seasoned, low-risk drivers. Car owners looking for improved protection typically insure elsewhere.
  5. To customize your vehicle insurance policy, consider Direct Asia Insurance. Most people consider their pricing reasonable. Note, however, that their YIDR limit is 30 years of age or less than two years of the driver license’s validity.


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