What are the requirements & steps to get married in Singapore?

Kenny Chan, Studied at NTU
Answered October 24, 2020

Getting married in Singapore is pretty much like elsewhere. It involves planning, registering, and celebrating. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, you can marry in the republic by meeting the criteria.

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Now, if you wonder what the requirements and steps to get married in Singapore are, read on.

Singapore Marriage, Step One: Filing a Notice

Given that either you or your future spouse spent at least 15 consecutive days in the city-state, you’re good to go.

Next, you need to choose the registration institution – Registration of Marriages (ROM) or Registration of Muslim Marriages (ROMM). Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Once you make your decision, the following step is filing a notice. The time frame for the marriage solemnization is between 21 days and a year following your request. 

To be eligible to wed, you and your future spouse should have at least 21 years and be free or legally divorced. You can marry in Lion City even if you have between 18 and 21. But, this move requires the approval of your parent or legal guardian. 

Getting Married in Singapore, Step Two: Choosing a Venue

You can choose to place your wows at the ROM or ROMM venue, or at a Singapore wedding venue you choose. 

If you opt for the former option, the institution provides a solemnizer for you. But, if you prefer the latter alternative, you need to find a solemnizer that will perform the marriage ceremony. 

Finding an official that will wed you is crucial before filing a notice to the ROM. To do so, refer to their list of authorized solemnizers

You’re free to contact any of them. Still, it is usually more convenient for everyone if the licensed solemnizer is from your area. 

Once you find the right person to get you married, make your request to the authorized institution. 

Wedding Day: Further Requirements and Tips

To plan and carry out your wedding in Garden City, you should also know the following:

  • You need to appoint the date of your marriage ceremony when filing a notice. If your plans change along the way, however, you can alter the date of the event. Yet, it has to be during the legal time frame, which is between 21 days and a year from the date of your initial request. 
  • You can file a notice only online. 
  • Newly-weds don’t need to concern themselves about the paperwork given that they are getting married at the ROM. But, if that’s not the case, they have to bring the necessary documents.
  • The documents you would need to provide are identity cards issued in the city-state or passports, whichever is applicable, and the marriage certificates and license. Witnesses also have to prove their identities. 
  • Supposing you are an expat working in Merlion City, check how your status change may affect your work permit. 

Getting Married in Singapore During the Covid-19 Times

Due to the coronavirus’s global crisis, organizing your wedding is subject to various safety measures and limitations

Some of them prescribe the maximum number of attendees. Newly-weds getting married at their homes or the ROM(M) can have up to ten guests. If the event takes place at a restaurant or hotel, the highest number of guests is currently 100. 

Wedding in Singapore: Useful Sources

Once you take care of mandatory steps and requirements, turn your attention to wedding preparations. 

For brides, check out our best bridal studios list and top wedding gowns designers in the city-state. Many tailors design suits for grooms, too. 

Given that marriage preparations overwhelm you, contact the republic’s specialized wedding planners

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