Which is the fastest food delivery service in Singapore?

Sarah Ong, Works at HSBC
Answered April 26, 2019

Which is the fastest food delivery service in Singapore?

There are several options when it comes to food delivery service in Singapore but these are the most recommended if you want fast delivery:

1. Food Panda

Average delivery time: 30 minutes

Food Panda was launched in 2012 and is the first food delivery service in Singapore. There are more than 500 restaurants on its platform and delivery service is available 24/7. So, this is your best option when you suddenly crave a midnight snack. Delivery fee and minimum order varies depending on restaurant and location. Food Panda also has a corporate program that offers custom food orders for the busy company managers and employees.

2. Deliveroo

Average delivery time: 32 minutes

Deliveroo has a guaranteed delivery time of 32 minutes on average. In the rare times that your food might arrive late, you will be informed in advance and sometimes even compensated with a free meal! Deliveroo was originally founded in London and came to Singapore in 2015. It is best known for its reliability with a wide variety of mid-range to high-end restaurant to choose from. Delivery fee is S$3. An addition S$5 is charged for orders less than S$25.

3. GrabFood

Average delivery time: Varies by restaurant and location

If you are already using Grab, then you must already be familiar with GrabFood. Just like with Grab, you can track the arrival time of your food. To guarantee prompt delivery, GrabFood will decline delivery if the chosen restaurant is marked as “Busy”. With GrabFood, you can pay using GrabPay and earn GrabRewards. Delivery fee is S$3 with no minimum order.

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