What are the top news websites in Singapore?

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Answered October 12, 2017

When talking about news websites in Singapore, The Straits Times is definitely on the top of my list. I make sure to check it every morning while drinking my coffee to be updated with the latest stories in Singapore and the world. The website is the digital edition of the daily broadsheet. A paid subscription is required to access all sections of the site. However, you can read selected free content including podcasts which should be enough if you only want to read the major stories.

Another news website which I check regularly is Channel News Asia. This is the website of the Asian TV news channel that is based in Singapore. I like that the website is free. I also like the livestream which is helpful when I’m on the go and don’t have access to a TV set.

I also regularly visit Today online through its mobile app. For me, it functions better than the other Singapore news apps. The website and the app are both free, just like its print version which we see at MRT stations during our daily morning commute.

AsiaOne is also a popular news and lifestyle site that is owned by Singapore Press Holdings. I visit the site at least once a week for a different perspective on top news stories. The website is free and you can subscribe if you want the news to be delivered to your e-mail inbox. Just close the pop-up ads on the site if you find them annoying.

Mothership.sg is considered as an alternative news website. I personally don’t visit it as much as the other news sites but some of my friends are loyal readers. Mothership.sg also has a mobile app which is used by majority of its readers including me.

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